Awake My Soul: An Ode to Spring ’18 413

Inspiration: First day of Spring 2018 and feeling it!
Feeling kind of philosophical too I guess, as you will see with this post. You might want to just jump ahead to the SPOTIFY link and check out some great music with a solid theme.
So I don’t have a ride profile or completed playlist this time, but like the promise of SPRING, I have a good start! The track that sent me on this path was THOUSAND EYES / Of Monsters and Men! [Side note…OMAM is one of my favorite artists in the alternative genre, and this is one of many tracks by OMAM that I often enjoy and am seemingly consumed by.]
What makes this (and other tracks here) notable, is the transitional aspect of the music…starting easy, soft, steady and gradually (or not so gradually for some picks) increasing in volume, intensity, complexity! All this reminds me of the Spring season…growing, exciting, unexpected, a prelude to something bigger and better (SUMMER!). These tunes are deeply haunting, dramatic, chilling, engaging, moving, exhilarating…like your Spin Class should be!
Not many of mainstream / pop artists structure their music in this way. These are a few artists included as of tonight: Fink, Florence + The Machine, Snow Patrol, Mumford & Sons, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, The Oh Hellos, Radical Face, Band of Horses. This is a work in progress and the playlist is COLLABORATIVE, so please add others that I’ve missed or just haven’t discovered yet!
Genre: variety
Approximate time: variable

On Spotify:
COLLABORATIVE PLAYLIST…PLEASE add your favorites that fit the theme!

On YouTube:
Recorded LIVE!

A somewhat disturbing LYRIC Video…

SPin the News:
What’s the VERDICT?

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