Atomic Blonde: The Motion Picture Theme Ride 415

Inspiration: Last Saturday was HBO Movie Premier night…Atomic Blonde with Charlize Theron and James McAvoy. A good movie (77% Rotten Tomatoes), but a GREAT SOUNDTRACK…packed with 80’s & 90’s tracks. See the Wikipedia post at the end for more info about the significance of the soundtrack for this movie. Halfway into to movie, I knew I had my next theme ride!
Enjoy the Ride!
Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock
Approximate time: 63 minutes
SPINlist and Summary Ride Profile:
Warm up – Hungry Like The Wolf / Duran Duran

Seated Flat with increasing speed and intensity – Common People / Pulp

Seated / Standing Hill – Personal Jesus / Depeche Mode

Seated Flat with Sprint Intervals – Major Tom (German lyrics) / Peter Schilling

Seated Hill & Standing Power Climb – Cat People (Putting Out Fire) / David Bowie

More Sprints! – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) – Steve Angello Remix / Eurythmics

Quick Flat – I Ran (So Far Away) / A Flock Of Seagulls

Strong Rhythmic Climb – Seated & Standing / Black Skinhead (nearly clean version) / Black Skinhead Tribute to Kayne West

Standing / Seated Hill – London Calling / The Clash

Jumps – Der Kommissar / Falco

Seated Flat with Increasing Resistance and Cadence – Just Like Heaven / The Cure

Free Track / Riders’ Choice – Blue Monday (Atomic Blonde Remix) / HEALTH

Final Climb – Under Pressure / Queen with David Bowie

Final Sprints (Seated / Standing) – 99 Luftballons / Nena

Cool down & Stretch – Voices Carry / ‘Til Tuesday

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