FIRST RIDE: InCycle (Carmel, IN – Metro Indianapolis)

This past weekend my wife and I drove about four hours to the greater Indianapolis area from our home in Grand Rapids, MI for a good friend’s wedding. It was my first time to Indy in over 10 years. Much has changed (for the good) and I’m planning a return visit before another 10 years passes by…what a great area in central Indiana! Most of our short time there was in Carmel, Broad Ripple and near downtown Indianapolis.

How convenient that a highly rated boutique cycle studio is located in the heart of Carmel’s business district…InCycle. Strong online ratings and a helpful receptionist on the phone had me on my way for a Saturday morning class.

The studio opened about 5 years ago, as the indoor cycling industry was growing to record levels throughout the United States. The facility is well maintained and part of a larger complex with other business and retail outlets. The cycle studio is like many other boutique studios: reception area with merchandise, restrooms, showers, personal storage…and a large studio. InCycle has 30 StarTrac Spinner Blade cycles with StarTrac monitors, an instructors podium, video projector, resistance bands, weights (body bars, hand weights are mounted on each bike), towels and large fans.

Carmen was our eager and engaging instructor who had finalized a great playlist about 7 hours prior to class (and after attending the Zac Brown Band concert in Indy Friday night!). Carmen was outstanding…her knowledge, instruction and PASSION for studio cycling is remarkable. The studio was SOLD OUT for the 8AM ride and Carmen really worked the studio, taking time to get off her bike and make a few rounds through out the studio.

The playlist for Saturday’s class was a good mix of current tracks and older classics from a variety of artists and genre. Carmen had participants clapping and waving hands to the beat…even singing along to some familiar favorites.

The class emphasized a FULL BODY workout while on the bike…more so than I’ve experienced at other studios that incorporate upper body work with cycling (like mega studio cycling companies SoulCycle & Flywheel). Along with jumps, runs, sprints and hills, we used the hand weights and body bars and added push ups to the overall intense workout. With the exception of just a few tracks, each part of the ride include some upper body work with the cycling.

It’s great to visit these boutique studios like InCycle that have built such a strong community of dedicated, fitness-focused clientele…participants know each other, hold each other accountable and celebrate their efforts.

Thanks again to Kathy (owner) and Carmen (“rock star” instructor) for the visit and my FIRST RIDE with InCycle!

InCycle website…

Home: Classic

The Indy A List reports…

Sample weekly studio owner’s e-mail update…

InCycle Happenings This Week

Wrap up your August and bring in Labor Day with InCycle’s BEST of the BEST theme and video rides!! Check it out to find what gets your motor humming, your legs pumping and your head happy!! RIDE ON!

Monday 6:00 PM – Glow in the Dark Video Ride. Wear your bright neon colors or white and ride to some great music videos under our black lights.
Tuesday 8:30 AM – Rollercoaster Ride. Ain’t no mountain high enough, no valley too low!! Strap in for a euphoric experience of riding high and rolling low to music that will make your head happy! RIDE ON!
Tuesday 9:45 AM – Two for Tuesday 80s 90s vs. Today HIIT Ride. Expect to hear everything from George Michael and Beastie Boys to Sia and Lady Gaga. Two songs from each artist.
Tuesday 6:30 PM – 90s Hip Hop Glow Ride.
Wednesday 5:45 AM – Glow in the Dark Express Video Ride. Wear your bright neon colors or white and ride to some great music videos under our black lights.
Thursday 8:30 AM – So Long Summer Ride. Ride to some awesome hits that are all about summer, sun, sunshine and more.
Friday 8:30 AM – Songs of Summer from Decades Past Ride. Ride to these hit songs that were known as “The song from THAT summer.” We will be riding to summer hits like Despacito (2017), I Gotta Feeling (2009), Macarena (1996), Roll with it Baby (1988), and Bad Bad Lero Brown (1973).
Friday 12:00 PM – InCycle Express Video Ride.
Saturday 8:00 AM – ALL REQUEST Road Trip Ride. Get on board for an InCycle road trip to the tunes that you keep you driving! Send your request to Cathy by Thursday, August 31st!!
Saturday 9:30 AM – Labor Day “Work” Ride. Kick off your Labor Day weekend by riding to these songs about working hard.
Labor Day Weekend Schedule:
Saturday – normal schedule.
Sunday – 8:45 and 10:00 AM classes only.
Monday – 8:30 and 9:45 AM classes only.

RIDE ON!!! #ridelocal

Cathy Miller
Owner, InCycle

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