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  • FIRST RIDE: CycleBar – Grand Rapids

    FIRST RIDE: CycleBar – Grand Rapids

    This is my first studio review post since COVID-19 shuttered fitness studios back in March 2020…its great to be back in the saddle for another FIRST RIDE! If you haven’t heard of CycleBar, where have you been?! In Metro Detroit there are about a half-dozen of them. Back in 2014 I had my FIRST RIDE […]

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  • FIRST RIDE:  ChampCycle (Macomb, MI)

    FIRST RIDE: ChampCycle (Macomb, MI)

    Last weekend, my wife and I had another long weekend in Metro Detroit to visit the grand daughter (and her parents)…and another cycle studio visit.  This time, Champ Cycle, just about 30 minutes outside of Detroit.  I’ve been wanting to visit the studio and meet one of the instructors I connected with on Facebook/Instagram/Spotify over […]

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  • FIRST RIDE: Vibe Ride Detroit

    FIRST RIDE: Vibe Ride Detroit

    This is my 3rd visit and review of several indoor cycling studios in Metro Detroit (about 20+ of them in all)…and the only one in the heart of downtown Detroit, not far from the Renaissance Center.  The other two Detroit area FIRST RIDES were at Live Cycle Delight and Rebel Cycle…both still going strong! Most […]

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  • People Like Us 457

    People Like Us 457

    Inspiration:  When working up a new playlist I tend to search more for new (Spotify New Music Friday & Radar Release) or new-to-me tracks (Spotify Discover Weekly), but for this ride I scrolled through my archives of tracks that I’ve used over the past 6 years…I think you’ll like this SPINLIST.  I used it (the 47m […]

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  • FIRST RIDE: The Dailey Method (Grand Rapids, MI / Eastown)

    FIRST RIDE: The Dailey Method (Grand Rapids, MI / Eastown)

    The Dailey Method (TDM), created by Jill Dailey in 2000, is well-established around the world with more than 60 studios…but is relatively new to West Michigan, having opened it’s Wealthy Street studio just this year! Jaime Centilli, owner of TDM Grand Rapids / Eastown, is a true-believer in the foundational principles of the Dailey Method: […]

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  • TEST RIDE:   Studio Three (River North – Chicago, IL)

    TEST RIDE: Studio Three (River North – Chicago, IL)

    I’ve been looking forward to this visit for a while now…since Peloton has been in the SPIN spotlight for the past few months. The added bonus for the visit this Fathers Day weekend…my wife, daughter and her boyfriend came along for the ride. While ground zero for Peloton is NYC, Studio Three offers a midwest […]

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  • TEST RIDE: LIVE CYCLE DELIGHT (West Village – Detroit, MI)

    TEST RIDE: LIVE CYCLE DELIGHT (West Village – Detroit, MI)

    Last weekend my wife I and made the short road trip to the east side of the state to visit our oldest daughter and fiancé for a quick visit. They recently moved into an apartment in the heart of the city, near the iconic riverfront Renaissance Center. About a week before the visit I heard […]

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  • Test Ride:  Equinox – The Pursuit (Gold Coast – Chicago, IL)

    Test Ride: Equinox – The Pursuit (Gold Coast – Chicago, IL)

    It’s been a while since I ventured away from my home studios here in Grand Rapids…but last Saturday morning certainly took care of that! My daughter’s boyfriend in Chicago has been telling me about this amazing class format used in select cycle classes at his club, Equinox. The class format is THE PURSUIT and there […]

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  • Indoor Cycling class review: CYC Fitness

    Indoor Cycling class review: CYC Fitness

    I haven’t been to a CYC Fitness Studio Cycling class yet, but fellow fitness blogger…The Running Bun, was able to check out their NY studio.   Read more about her class and new favorite spin class instructor…here! Guess I better make plans to get over to their Madison, WI studio soon!

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  • TEST RIDE:  CycleBar – Royal Oak (Metro Detroit)

    TEST RIDE: CycleBar – Royal Oak (Metro Detroit)

    This past weekend I was in the Detroit area for a special Dad/Daughters weekend. It was a quick trip away from my home in NE Grand Rapids, but we managed to squeeze lots in: lunch in Royal Oak, trip to the Holiday Market for dinner items to cook at home, a movie…Trainwreck!, checked out an […]

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