FIRST RIDE: ChampCycle (Macomb, MI)

Last weekend, my wife and I had another long weekend in Metro Detroit to visit the grand daughter (and her parents)…and another cycle studio visit.  This time, Champ Cycle, just about 30 minutes outside of Detroit.  I’ve been wanting to visit the studio and meet one of the instructors I connected with on Facebook/Instagram/Spotify over a year ago, Kim Hennigan.  Kim was on for a double header on Sunday, the last day of our 4-day stay in the area.

Champ Cycle opened at this location over 2 years ago and celebrates a 3 year anniversary in May.  Another location opened in Troy this past year, but recently closed leaving just the Macomb studio.  At the same time, this location upgraded bikes to the brand new Schwinn AC Power model with Echelon2 console (same bikes as Lunar Cycle in GR!)…great move!  Champ Cycle uses FitMetrix technology for their integrated leaderboard displays.

In addition to their website, Champ Cycle has a mobile app for iPhone/IOS, but I just showed up for my free first class (every first ride at Champ Cycle is a freebie!).

The 8:15am class was nearly full.  Kim had an awesome Detroit-theme Spotify playlist for our 45 minute class.  Each of 25-30 bikes in the studio are set up with a sweat towel and pair of hand-weights mounted under the saddle, but we didn’t use the weight for this class, but the towel was well soaked by the end of this ride!  It was a great traditional format cycle class…a solid, rhythm-based ride with a great mix of climbs and sprints, seated and standing work, cadence ranging from lows in the 60’s to quick sprints at 110+ rpms.  Kim was great…welcoming, knowledgeable, challenging, energetic, motivating…very comfortable on the stage.

The entire space had everything needed for a great customer experience:  bright, clean, open space with bathrooms, shower room, secure personal storage lockers, self check-in station, front desk and merchandise racks stock with a variety of logo wear.

Overall, I had a great class and definitely recommend Champ Cycle for new or seasoned indoor cyclists.  Kim had me pushing past the 400-watt mark several times…its not often that I’m at / over 17 on the resistance scale.

Be sure to sign up for Kim’s class and Enjoy the Ride!

Outside of Champ Cycle, you can connect with Kim…





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