Wednesday Poll: Cycling Shoes

Practically every sport, indoor or outdoor, has a uniquely designed shoe to maximize performance and comfort…and reduce risk of injury.

Indoor cycling isn’t any different.  While a shoe that’s specific to indoor studio cycling isn’t common, mountain biking shoes tend to be the best option for your RIDE INSIDE!

When shopping for a cycling shoe that is best suited to you, keep in mind that a cleat will also be needed…and a pair is sold separately.  You’ll need to find out how your bikes are equipped before making your final decision. While there are many options for shoes…there are basically just two common options for cleats:  SPD or LOOK/Delta.

If you’re an instructor or a regular class participant, make 2019 the year you invest in your first pair…or maybe update the old pair you’ve been using for the past 7 years or more.  There are some great options available now, within a price range of $80-$280 / pair + the cost of fitted and installed cleats (best done by a professional).

Here are some additional resources on this subject that explain more of the details you should be aware of:


So…what’s on your feet when you ride?

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Poll: Cycling Shoes

  1. Hi Steve,
    Great topic for the New Year. I totally agree with the best option as being a mountain bike shoe because it has a larger toe cap. My podiatrist also recommends one size or half size larger to ensure your toes are not crammed resulting in hammer toe. I have my share of foot calluses from teaching 3 times a week for 6 years. I have had to really think about footwear. For my tennis shoe wearers, I also recommend to my riders not to ride in their toe cages because their toes can go numb. I encourage them to push down in the middle of the pedal instead of riding on their toes. Setting the spd towards the back and executing a pedal stroke pushing down on the middle of the pedal also keeps the toes from getting all the pressure. Next good topic is how loud is too loud in a cycling studio? 🙂

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