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  • Fade Into Darkness: Endurance Ride 542

    Fade Into Darkness: Endurance Ride 542

    First ENDURANCE RIDE of the 2023 season! A 90-minute mix to train for those long outdoor rides this summer!

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  • CYCLING WEEKLY:  “Nine things I wish I knew when I started indoor cycling…”

    CYCLING WEEKLY: “Nine things I wish I knew when I started indoor cycling…”

    From a recent article at Cycling Weekly. Many of these mistakes can impact Studio cyclists in a group ex setting too (especially for those extended Endurance rides that run for 90 minutes or more)! The LIST of 9 mistakes: Visit Cycling Weekly on the web for the complete details, video, and more! ABOUT THE AUTHOR: […]

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  • Great Wide Open:  SPINdurance 2019.6 470

    Great Wide Open: SPINdurance 2019.6 470

    Originally posted on for the ride inside:
    Inspiration:  Tonight was the last FTP 90 of the season…this was a good final ride into Spring, Summer and Fall rides outside.  Many tracks are based on suggested artists and genres from the FTP 90 Tuesday night regulars!  It’s been a great ride since late January when we started…

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  • awesoME! 475

    awesoME! 475

    Inspiration:  Who’s awesome?  YOU ARE! “…you can’t spell AWESOME without (WE and) ME”. We’ll send off APRIL with this AWESOME ride and playlist….even though I won’t be using it for most of my classes until May.  I have a 7+ minute section set for POWER TESTING, for all my POWER TRAINING classes during the first week […]

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  • Other Worlds: SPINdurance 2019.4 465

    Other Worlds: SPINdurance 2019.4 465

    A 90-minute ride, Two FTP Ramp Tests, 13 EDM / Trance tracks…one great workout! Enjoy the Ride 🚴🏻🎶😅

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  • Bright Lights:  SPINdurance 2019.3 463

    Bright Lights: SPINdurance 2019.3 463

    Inspiration:   HAPPY PRESIDENTS’ DAY…a great day to unplug from all the noise and negativity associated with our current President and pay tribute to one or more of our past Presidents (Who’s one of your favorites? For me, #40…Ronald Reagan).  For many this also means a long winter weekend…I’ll take it! It also means tomorrow is […]

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  • Preparing for your BEST Endurance ride…INSIDE!

    Preparing for your BEST Endurance ride…INSIDE!

    We’re gearing up for a new ENDURANCE RIDE series at the Greater Grand Rapids YMCA…FTP 90! Demo classes underway this week…the 8-week series officially kicks off next week. In my ongoing preparation for this program, I wanted to share several resources with Y members and other cycling enthusiasts in the community.  These are just a […]

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  • On The Move:  SPINdurance 2019.1 458

    On The Move: SPINdurance 2019.1 458

    Inspiration:  Winter has returned to Grand Rapids, MI this weekend…a few inches of snow, sub-zero temps and talk about even colder wind chills!  It’s a great day to hibernate with a new Spotify SPINlist for an upcoming Endurance Ride.  Several classic rock tracks from Styx, The Doobie Brothers, The Police, Fleetwood Mac and Steely Dan…and just […]

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  • FTP 90: Endurance Cycling….at GRYMCA

    FTP 90: Endurance Cycling….at GRYMCA

    Introducing FTP 90 at the David D. Hunting YMCA – Grand Rapids, MI! FTP 90 is an 8-week Endurance Cycling experience that will kick-start your 2019 training and overall fitness…low-impact and BIG results! FTP is for Functional Threshold Power*…and 90 for the 90-minute ride and endurance training format. Classes are focused on endurance riding and make […]

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  • All In: SPINdurance 2019 455

    All In: SPINdurance 2019 455

    Inspiration:  Happy Saturday WEEKEND WARRIORS!  We had a strong showing at the Spartan Stores YMCA Endurance Cycle DEMO Ride this morning!   About 20 riders, 19 tracks, and 90 minutes of work centered on the SWEET SPOT (spans upper Zone 3 to lower Zone 4)…goal was: Zone 1 (White): 5%…Zone 2 (Blue): 10-15%…Zone 3 (Green): 30%…Zone 4 […]

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