Bright Lights: SPINdurance 2019.3 463

Inspiration:   HAPPY PRESIDENTS’ DAY…a great day to unplug from all the noise and negativity associated with our current President and pay tribute to one or more of our past Presidents (Who’s one of your favorites? For me, #40…Ronald Reagan).  For many this also means a long winter weekend…I’ll take it! It also means tomorrow is SPINdurance Tuesday and another FTP 90 class at the Y. I’ve been working on this SPINlist for several days. These 90 minute rides require extra effort to pull together a ROCKSTAR tracklist. THIS IS MY FAVORITE so far this year! Two themes in one: the typical extended track theme (many of the selections are 4-5 minutes or more) and a BRIGHT LIGHTS theme, based on one of my favorite openers from THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS. I had several great discoveries looking for more extended tracks and songs titled BRIGHT LIGHTS. The class message with this ride is to mindfully ride in all FIVE color zones! Each zone/color has a purpose and everyone shines brightly whether its WHITE, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW or RED. Check out all of the BRIGHT LIGHTS in this mix (7 in all) and these extended tracks: Snapdragon, Colors of Love, Superman, and Stonehenge. A total of 20 tracks for this 93 minute ride (before the 12 second crossfade).

This is a balanced profile centered on the SWEETSPOT, with a few intense intervals on mixed terrain:  Zone 1 (White): 5% / Zone 2 (Blue): 10% / Zone 3 (Green): 40% / Zone 4 (Yellow): 30% / Zone 5 (Red, Ring of Fire, Tunnel of Fire): 15%

Genre:  Alternative, EDM, Pop/Rock

Duration:  93 minutes

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