Make Your Move 464

Inspiration:  This was the playlist and profile FOR THE RIDE INSIDE last night at the David D. Hunting YMCA…and it was a good one!  I always get fired up when a 1st timer joins the cast of regulars….and we had four who MADE THEIR MOVE and dropped-in to check out what exactly goes on in the CYCLE STUDIO.   The conditions were just right for heating things up: near capacity class and a HIIT-theme ride!

Thanks to SPOTIFY and a great line-up of tracks on NEW MUSIC FRIDAY, RELEASE RADAR and DISCOVER WEEKLY…I pulled this HIIT ride together in record time.   Check out the great REMIX versions and new tracks from Katy Perry, Drake, Avril Lavigne & Nicki Minaj, Andy Grammer, and others you never heard of!

So, with just one more week left in February, get ready to MAKE YOUR MOVE this MARCH!

Genre:  Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock

Duration:  48 minutes

Playlist and Summary Ride Profile

Warm Up – 365 / Zedd, Katy Perry

Alt Standing jog / Seated sprint – Close To Me (CID Remix) / Ellie Goulding, Diplo, Swae Lee, CID [explicit]

Alt Seated / Standing climb – Otta My Mind / Des Rocs, The Cobra

Jumps (Round 1) – Dumb Blonde / Avril Lavigne, Nicki Ninaj

Quick Seated Flat with leg drills – Make Your Move / Anton Powers, Redondo

Quick Power Climb…Alt Seated / Standing – Part of Me / American Wolves

High-speed Seated Flat – It’s No Secret / Jukebox The Ghost

Seated Climb & Running on a Hill – Free Animal / Foreign Air

Battle Sprints – Cables / Rhys Sparrow, Snake Bytes

Three-Stage Climb with Seated / Standing / Figure 8’s – Don’t Call Me Up (R3HAB Remix) / Mabel, R3HAB

FREE RIDE / Riders’ Choice – Retrograde (Wankelmut Remix) / The Knocks, Wankelmut

Jumps (Round 2) – Let’s Call It Off / Drake, Noah “40” Shebib [explicit]

Quick Climb in & out of saddle – Giant (Robin Schulz Remix) / Calvin Harris, Rag’n’Bone Man, Robin Schulz

Final Climb…increasing resistance to the top – Don’t Give Up On Me / Andy Grammer

Battle Sprints – In Your Eyes / Steve Brian, Eric Lumiere

Cool down & Stretch – The Average / Joseph O’brien

On Spotify:

On YouTube:  WESTWORLD (HBO) inspired music video with Katy Perry and Zedd!  Great track!!

SPin the News:  This is really RE-CYCLING!  Looks a lot like those spin bikes seen on the older Les Mills RPM teasers.



5 thoughts on “Make Your Move 464

  1. First off I want to say that I love your playlists and rides. I get many ideas for my classes from your weekly posts. I do sometimes have questions regarding the moves that you put for each song. Is there a guide anywhere on the website that provides a more detailed description of the short phrases given in the profiles? If not, can you explain a few moves for me…battle sprints, figure 8s, leg drills, and power climb vs a regular climb? Thanks again for the inspiration!!!

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    1. Thank you for the note Trisha! I don’t have such s guide, but that’s a great idea. For some of them I do have a more detailed explanation included with the profile…others are explained in a reply to a question like yours today. I’ll post a summary of the ones you mentioned in the next reply. Thanks again for checking in and for following! ETR! 🚴🏻🎶😅


    2. Battle sprints-15-45 second sprint intervals (flat or on a hill) specifically for use with ICG/Coach by Color CONNECT system where computer-assigned teams move into battle rounds for 1st or 2nd place based on the team’s average watt/kg.

      Figure 8’s-This is an OPTIONAL movement that’s similar to “tap-backs”…a standing hill position that involves side-to-side & forward / backward sifting movement to the beat of the music.

      Leg drills-a focused pedaling drill that emphasizes the PULL and PUSH pedal stroke or isolates the full pedal effort in one leg at a time.

      Power climb-a more intense version of a standard seated climb…quicker, more resistance, standing position and done with a powerful song (motivational lyrics with powerful beat).


      1. Thanks so much for the feedback! The battle sprints sound amazing! I teach on Schwinn Carbon Blue bikes, so we have the power meters, but the everyone’s metrics are purely individual. The idea of everyone’s metrics being connected in various ways sounds very motivating and fun! It must add many new dimensions to the ride!

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