Nearly SIX years…and counting (and still Spinnin’)

I just received my annual subscription invoice for my website domain name…reminding me that another year of studio cycling and blogging has quickly passed!

This fall will mark the start of YEAR #7…should be the best year yet!

Like many other bloggers and indoor cycling instructors, I often thought about wrapping up this gig and moving on to the next thing…but then I get a well-timed comment from a follower or random visitor to FOR THE RIDE INSIDE. These keep me going, not only on my laptop, but in the Cycle Studio too.

For this post, I’m highlighting several (probably too many) of the MANY great comments from all of YOU…a big THANKS right back at ya! (I love the extensive use of “!” in many of the comments.)

Looks great Steve! We enjoy a lot of the same music. I am going to add a link to your blog.

Thanks for inspiration!

I love your playlists – could almost interchange them with mine! I signed up to follow – thanks for taking the time to post!

I’m gonna try this playlist tomorrow night…thank you for posting.

Great playlist!

Thanks for the new music.

Woohoo! I like the format of your class…I have a similar rundown.

Thank you for all of your class playlists and formats. You save me hours of work!!!!!

Love your music choices!

Fab love it.

Thanks for the music. I’m excited to check and listen to your new selection.

I discovered this blog a little over a month ago and I just LOVE it!! I love the mixture of older and newer songs. It has inspired me to freshen up some old playlists and create new ones and my students are eating it up! …all the way out in Los Angeles, CA!!! Thank you for sharing!!

I LOVE that you incorporate Christian music!

GREAT playlist!! I used it for my class this morning and it was great! High energy, great music and workout! Thank you!!! Keep the great ideas and playlists coming!

You have GREAT playlists! Thank you for making, and sharing them!

I used this list and the class loved it! Thanks, Steve! I LOVE your site!

You do such a great job with your music, Steve! Thanks for always sharing your playlists with us to keep us inspired!

Thanks, so much for sharing your playlist! They are all “Spin-tastic!”

I’ve been enjoying your blog posts and you sharing some of your playlists. I’m a new spinning instructor and I’m trying to build my library of playlists and profiles! Much appreciated!!!

Thanks so much for sharing your spinning playlists! You really helped me out tonight since I didn’t have time to create a whole new one for tomorrow mornings class. I’ve been subbing all week plus having my own classes and was short a fresh playlist. Yours was a great baseline that I was able to add and delete a few to make it my own!! I love how you can insert your Spotify list on your blog posts also!!

Thank you for your playlists. I cannot always make it to the gym but love my bike at home. Nice to have music & ideas of what to do with it.

Great tracklist!

Hi Steve, my magic word “Thank You”…God bless!

Hey Steve! I finally got to check out your blog and am very impressed!

WOW!! What a super generous spirit. Thanks for sharing your lists, they are great!

I Love the idea of the “LIVE” music playlists!! I have been following and checking your playlists for a while ~ Just now getting around to signing in and updating some stuff. I am spin instructor as well ~ Thanks for sharing!

Your music playlists are fantastic. They give me a lot of great ideas! Thank-you Steve.

Unbelievable playlists! A total lifesaver and new inspiration for all spinning advocates. Keep it up!

Avenged Sevenfold! I love it! Nice job.

I am a fellow Michigan Spinning instructor. Love your playlists.

You Rock! Steve. You have the passion and the enthusiasm to continue to be an amazing instructor for years to come. Your students are blessed to have you as their instructor. You should be very proud of yourself…I know I am so proud of you. Keep up the amazing work touching people’s lives inside and outside of the cycle room.

I just noticed you changed your blog name…Steve:Spin:List to For The Ride Inside…love it!

I always get some new Great ideas from you – Thank You!

And once in a while, (like today ) I feel like I discovered a new song for my cycle class, only to find it on your site. I just put ”The Wire” – HAIM , in my new playlist today!! I love when that happens… Reinforces my thoughts that I have a “good song”!!

Just wanted to say – I really like this playlist!! I have a personal aversion to pop music, but I have to constantly remind myself that my class isn’t about ME, and I really try to have a lot of diversity in my music. I love that you do as well. I especially love your use of All Time Low; love their new release.

I teach one hour and 30-minute express cycling classes (and used to do a 48-minute class). It’s definitely a different approach.

I really enjoy your playlists and getting ideas to create my own playlists. Thanks so much!

Love your site and as a new Dad who no longer has the time to go to the gym but can jump on the spinning bike in the basement your lists are a huge help to my workouts (and waistline!).

Love this review! I have always enjoyed taking other classes and those spin studios offer such a fun atmosphere!!

Great blog!!!

Love this profile and playlist!

Hi Steve, great music for this ride. Thanks for posting.

Thank sharing your playlist Steve! I’ve been teaching spin for 6 years and know how time consuming it is to create workouts and playlists (thank goodness I found Spotify!!). I have been using your lists to survive the past few months (mom of 3 year old and 9 month old). You’ve really helped me come up with new workouts got each class and helped me find some fabulous music that I would have never found myself. I felt like I couldn’t use another playlist without thanking you!

This is an awesome playlist. I have a hard time putting songs together for a playlist. I love this one! I just subscribed to Spotify.

Steve, just found your site, excited to find more play list and input. Going to use your play list in my class tonight.

Hey Steve! You have such great choices of Christian music…Thanks!

Love this playlist! Peace and blessings.

I am digging these selections!!!

Great tunes!

I love hearing your reports on other studios.


Love the profile AND the music!

Hi! I could have sworn I’ve visited your blog before but after browsing through a few of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely delighted I came across it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back regularly!

I love this playlist! Gotta love that you put JT and Genesis together…LOVE!

Love the Uber ride – great post! Keep up the great work – you really provide great information, music and rides. Thank you for this Uber service.

I love You Me at Six! Can’t believe you met them. What a cool experience! Love this playlist.

Great job, Steve. Really enjoy your blog and it helps me when I get stuck developing a new profile/playlist. Thanks for all you do.

Thanks, Steve! You are an inspiration!

Thanks Steve! I’ve been focusing on 12 weeks of endurance rides and this is a great help. An added bonus – it includes a number of popular songs from my generation which I’ve been reluctant to incorporate into my playlists. Love it!

Great site!

I have been subbing like crazy and teaching my own classes and have another one tomorrow. Some of my riders love this classic rock music and I am not great at it so you are awesome for sharing your playlist. I modified the profile but used nearly all your songs which is unusual for me! Thank you!

Love your blog! Awesome playlists!! Good mix of all types of music.

I always enjoy your posts, and seeing what you put together. It inspires me! Thanks for taking the time to do it.

Nice ride!!

You are amazing. Popping out play lists like crazy! I do a new profile every week but you are over the top awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Like the music mix – Thanks for all you do.

Thank you for sharing your playlists! They always introduce me to music that I haven’t heard before! My classes love the variety!

Hey, I like your playlists! I like them even better when you include class notes.

This is so killer! My class will love this. Thank you!

Really enjoy your blog. Lots of great music and profile ideas and the layout itself is just beautiful. It’s evident you really love what you do! Thank you so much for putting in all the time and for sharing your rides with the rest of us.

I can always count on you for new music ideas. Love your playlists.

I just found your site today! My music was feeling stale & you gave me great ideas! Thank you!

I’m your biggest fan…congratulations for the quality of your soundtracks!!!

Nice music…completely out of the common sense, which I appreciate the most!!! Regards from Brazil!!!

I’ve been following your posts and using your class profiles for almost a year now, my classes love them! Thanks so much for all the great material!

You are the best playlist creator!!!!! Thanks, I love this one.

Great selections. Suffering from a huge case of spin instructor music block until I saw this. Just this one playlist rescued me! Thanks!

This is one of the best tribute playlists, and I just LOVE the profile, too!

Thanks for this Steve; there is some terrific spinning music here. Real music.

This is such an awesome mix! Thanks for exposing me to some new music.

Thank you! Your music is great. I teach cycle but I sometimes struggle to find the music that works and since I’m older, I don’t always know current music. I love your choices!

Thanks for posting, your playlists and routines are great!!!

This is an awesome list!

I have found so many awesome songs through you, Steve!! Keep rocking it out on that bike and happy cycling!!!

Thanks for all your great ideas!

Thank you for that list. Will use it for sure!

Thank you for sharing! I love all your playlists and especially this one! I use a lot of your music!!! Thank you and please don’t stop posting!

Thank you!!! As I began to choreograph my ride, I spent a great deal of time searching for the new releases & greatest music to add…

A nice chunk of the songs I was excited about just happen to be in your ride. Thank you!!!

Thank you for another fun play list to peruse and check out. You rock dude!

Just wanted to say…a HUGE thank you for sharing your ideas! Always interesting to come by and check the website out! Keep it up.

Thanks Steve for sharing all your music ideas… You have become a steady go to source for me!!!

Thank you so much for sharing these amazing playlists!!!! I wish you good health and happiness in the new year.

Love listening to your playlists!

Thank you for all of your fabulous playlists. Wish I could come to one of your classes but you’re a little ways from Colorado!

I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog and your amazing playlists! I’m now following you on Spotify and look forward to sharing your ideas and music with my cyclists. Excellent work!

So glad your back I looked forward to your profiles every week!!! You were missed.

Thank you for teaching me choreograph playlists. I never dance in my life, with the playlists could feel the rhythm now.

Great site! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you! I always look forward to your posts and thought you didn’t love us any more LOL. I guess you have a real life outside of the cycle studio like the rest of us. You’re the best.

I like the playlists. Thanks! Going to use the songs for the class today. Thumbs up! I learned a lot from you.

Awesome website Steve.

I am fairly new to following you and I can’t thank you enough for sharing all your hard work with us! I have been able to discover a lot of great music for my classes I wouldn’t even have known about! Again, thank you so much your stuff is AWESOME!

This is definitely one of my favorite playlists you’ve made. It’s like you read my mind on the music I needed this week. Thank you for sharing. You are awesome and talented!

Loving your playlists. Cheers from Aussie.

Love this ride. Kudos. I am going to sample it this week in one of my rides Thanks for always inspiring.

Love your blog!

This was/is an outstanding and uplifting article. We wish you luck and support you in all that you do.

Thank you so much! I love your playlists and profiles! Thanks for sharing!

I love being a spin instructor thanks to you. I have a lot going on, and I love music and to be able to check in weekly and find a new playlist with suggested profile for the workout has made my life so much better! I hope you never stop doing this, cause when life gets crazy, your lists make it possible for me to deliver a great class. Thank you so much and keep up the amazing job!

I am so excited when I see your email in my mail. I know there will be so many treasures.

Thank you for helping me become a better instructor. The tools you give me is a gift to my Riders.

Thanks again for following, liking, sharing, AND commenting…or just making a quick visit every now and then.

I am so THANKFUL for the amazing studio cycling community (riders, instructors, studio owners), Spinning / Mad Dogg Athletics, other inspiring bloggers, SPOTIFY, the Grand Rapids YMCA and many others I have meet over these 6 years!!!!!!


One thought on “Nearly SIX years…and counting (and still Spinnin’)

  1. Hi Steve!! Thank you for sharing all those great comments. I think we started at about the same time. I admit I have often wondered how you juggle everything and do it all so well. Also just the physical aspect of teaching so much. I have taught three classes a week and my legs dont fit into normal sized tights anymore and i had calluses so bad on my feet I had to go to a podiatrist for help! My last pair of spin shoes actually broke in two from the wear and tear! I did suspend two classes for the summer to give myself a break and it has been much needed from choregraphing rides all the time! I definately have used your music and playlists mixed in with my own. I call them Steve and Katy rides! ha For now I plan to continue teaching but want to incorporate more outdoor riding time. Thanks again Steve. You are amazeballs. Katy

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