People Like Us 2.0 551

Last class I had the first artist suggestion in a while…The Band CAMINO. This was a new one for me…and a good add to my Spotify music collection. This 45-min mix has three TBC tracks, and check out a recent demo music video below. This spring the band is touring Europe…wrapping up with a June 17th performance back in the States. The following highlights from Wikipedia…

Background information
OriginMemphis, Tennessee, United States
GenresIndie rock, electropop, pop rock
Years active2015–present (recent release WHAT AM I MISSING?, 4/21/23)
MembersJeffery Jordan, Spencer Stewart, Garrison Burgess
Past membersAndrew Isbell, Graham Rowell

Summary ride profile & Playlist

  • Warm up: Saturday / Twenty One Pilots
  • Spin ups: Chemical / Post Malone
  • Combo climb: Thelma + Louise / Bastille
  • Quick combo flat with sprint intervals (2X): Spiral (Remix) / Lena Leon, jackLNDN
  • Rhythmic progressive hill: Chill (LA Hills) / Tiesto, A Boodie Wit da Hoodie
  • Attacks on a hill (3x): Never A Good Time / The Band CAMINO
  • Big combo climb: Nobody’s Nobody / Brothers Osborne
  • Sprints (2x): Never Felt A Love Like This (sped up Version) / Galantis, Hook N Sling, sped up nightcore, Dotan
  • Combo hill w/ quick double-time intervals: Like This, Like That / Samira
  • Progressive climb: People Like Us / Revel Day, Nicole Serrano
  • Jumps: Up & Down / the Chainsmokers, 347aidan
  • Attacks on a hill (3x): What Am I Missing? / The Band CAMINO
  • Deep house sprints (2x): Upside Down / MEDUZA, Poppy Baskcomb
  • Final extended progressive climb: So Much (For) Stardust / Fall Out Boy
  • One last sprint set: 1 Last Cigarette / The Band CAMINO
  • Cool down & stretch: Be The One / Bree Runway, Khalid




5 Drills to Try on a Spin Bike

– Steve

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