Team (Best of 2014) 229

Inspiration: 2014 has come and gone as quickly as the flywheel spins! I hope it was a great year for you and your friends, family and fitness followers! Here's a quick update on my year of indoor cycling and blogging...and a playlist of some favorite tracks used in classes this year: 23 tracks and 82 … Continue reading Team (Best of 2014) 229


Test Ride: Full Psycle – Chicago (Lincoln Park)

HAPPY 2015! The new year is off to a good (but cold & windy) start, and 2014 ended on a high note with a short and busy visit to my favorite big city in the Midwest...CHICAGO! We stayed with my youngest daughter's boyfriend who just moved into his new (and awesome!) studio apartment just minutes … Continue reading Test Ride: Full Psycle – Chicago (Lincoln Park)