Everybody (…Rock Your Body!) 230

Everybody Matters

Inspiration: A new year…a new 45-minute ride/class playlist. Check out the link to the featured image above, the YouTube video below and these tracks: Careless (thanks to John MacGowan, Spotify user), Everybody (thanks to Fadil, Instructor at Full Psycle Chicago), The Feeling and Wildfire.
Genre: Alternative, Dance, Pop and Rock.
Approximate time: 47 minutes
Preview and Purchase at iTunes:
Warm up – Careless – Careless – Single
Seated / Standing Flat – Surrender (Tritonal Remix) [Radio Edit] – Surrender (Tritonal Remix) [Radio Edit] – Single
Seated / Standing Hill – Take Me to the River – The Best of Talking Heads
Sprints – Keep Moving (Radio Edit) – Keep Moving – Single
Seated / Standing Hill – Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) [Extended Version] – Backstreet Boys
Seated Flat – Peace of Mind – Boston
Sprints – She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) [feat. Sia] – Nothing But the Beat 2.0
Seated / Standing Hill – Firestone (feat. Conrad) – Firestone (feat. Conrad) – Single
Seated / Standing Hill – The Feeling – In Motion – Single
Sprints – Wildfire (Radio Edit) – Spinnin Records Best of Dance 2014
Cool down & stretch – Home To Mama – Justin Bieber (not available on iTunes as of 1/3/2015)

On Spotify:

On YouTube:

…and the extended Sultan + Ned Shepard vs. The Boxer Rebellion audio version:

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