Everybody (…Rock Your Body!) 230

Everybody Matters Inspiration: A new year...a new 45-minute ride/class playlist. Check out the link to the featured image above, the YouTube video below and these tracks: Careless (thanks to John MacGowan, Spotify user), Everybody (thanks to Fadil, Instructor at Full Psycle Chicago), The Feeling and Wildfire. Genre: Alternative, Dance, Pop and Rock. Approximate time: 47 … Continue reading Everybody (…Rock Your Body!) 230


Today Is The Day 100

Summer 2013 SPIN #23 (47 min) 01. 3:40 WARM UP / In A World Like This โ€“ Backstreet Boys 02. 3:10 SEATED & STANDING FLAT / Music Feels Better โ€“ Selena Gomez 03. 3:10 SEATED & STANDING HILL / Show Me 10 โ€“ Darius & Finlay & Shaun Baker 04. 3:53 JUMPS / Got Me … Continue reading Today Is The Day 100