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  • Heart & Soul 272

    Heart & Soul 272

    Inspiration: Speaking of SOUL…the boutique cycling studio is in the financial news these days with talk of an IPO (Initial Public Offering) that’s been in the works for nearly a decade. Yes, you could own a piece of this company soon, maybe even get paid for your investment, versus paying $30 for a 45 minute […]

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  • What I did… (Endurance Ride) 242

    What I did… (Endurance Ride) 242

    Inspiration: Another Thursday night Endurance Ride has come and gone. These classes are numbered, as warmer weather is on the horizon, and more and more will be riding OUTSIDE. Noteworthy tracks…A frequent rider suggested Roundabout (Yes), new artist Majik says IT’S ALRIGHT, and Passion Pit reminds us (some of us) about the great year…1985. Have […]

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  • Synchronize 233

    Synchronize 233

    Inspiration: I picked up a few classes to sub this past week, so I had a few extra rides/playlists to put together. This one is for the standard 45 minute class and includes some good finds…thanks to Spotify! Grand Rapids hosted Jukebox The Ghost for a concert last week, so I found a good track from their […]

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  • Music Feels Better 170

    Music Feels Better 170

    Inspiration: Listen to the MUSIC…Enjoy the RIDE…Feel BETTER! Genre: Alternative, Dance, Pop, Rock Approximate time: 50 minutes Ride Playlist: Preview and purchase at iTunes: Hold My Hand – Helios Roll the Dice (Radio Edit) – Roll the Dice (Radio Edit) – Single Put the Gun Down – Til the Casket Drops Music Feels Better (Bonus […]

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