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  • Pumped Up: The PEACEMAKER Ride 522

    Pumped Up: The PEACEMAKER Ride 522

    Not your everyday THEME RIDE, but I like it for something different from my typical ride mix. And if you’re a classic rock ‘n roller, you will too! If you haven’t seen HBO Max’s DC series staring John Cena as Chris Smith (aka Peacemaker), it MIGHT be worth checking out. 🤣 The series soundtrack is […]

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  • C is for Christmas 519

    C is for Christmas 519

    Happy Holidays! I hope this blog post finds you in good health and filled with only the joyous feelings of the Christmas season! After the past 20+ months we do need more JOY all around the world. JOY for the Canum family came just about two years ago with the arrival of our 1st grand […]

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  • Magic- For the Ride Inside’s Steve Canum celebrates a birthday- new year & new motivation – Wellness Grind

    For the Ride Inside’s Steve Canum discusses the pillars of wellness, his journey to keep fit, and how he shares his passion for indoor cycling via his blog. — Read on THANKS SO MUCH WENDIE / WELLNESS GRIND FOR THE INVITATION TO JOIN YOU AND OTHERS FOR YOUR LAUNCH WEEK…BE WELL and BEST WISHES […]

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  • A Look Back…#354 January 2017

    A Look Back…#354 January 2017

    Coincidently the opening track FREEZE TIME fits with the coldest weather in West Michigan in about 25 years…as the Polar Vortex hovers over the Great Lakes region!

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  • I Don’t Care…Let’s Go:  Fall Out Boy vs. Calvin Harris 376

    I Don’t Care…Let’s Go: Fall Out Boy vs. Calvin Harris 376

    Inspiration: When was the last time I posted a BATTLE OF… Theme ride? Right! It’s been too long. Not sure how I came up with this pairing, but no question these artists are AMAZING when it comes to EDM / Pop and Alternative Pop Rock…#1 in their genre. So who’s the winner of this battle? […]

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  • This Is Living 302

    This Is Living 302

    Inspiration: Like Intervals? This one’s for you…This Is Living! (and this IS my new favorite 45m mix!) Happy Holidays! Genre: Alternative, Christian, EDM, Pop, Rock. Approximate time: 47 minutes Preview and Purchase at iTunes: Warm up – Air I Breathe – Mat Kearney Seated / Standing Flat – This Is Living (feat. Lecrae) – Hillsong […]

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  • Alive 300

    Alive 300

    Inspiration: Ride Playlist #300! I’m subbing an RPM (Les Mills Indoor Cycling) class at one of the GR Y’s this week…not doing an actual RPM class, just a traditional studio cycling class (not RPM certified). “RPM” or not, we’ll be getting plenty of revolutions per minute during this 45+ minute ride profile / playlist. Tonight’s […]

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  • The Hills 292

    The Hills 292

    Inspiration: The name of this one says it all. Other than warm-up, lead track, cool down and a couple of sprints…ALL HILLS! A SPOTIFY link to a shorter 45m version also! Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock. Approximate time: 63 minutes Preview and Purchase at iTunes: Warm up – The Hills – The Weeknd Seated / […]

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  • All Right Now 254

    All Right Now 254

    Inspiration: Picked up another class to sub for Melissa at the Spartan Stores YMCA…one of my favorite class times (TGIF!). This was an hour-long class and called for some of my recent favorite tracks used on other playlists. This ride has a little bit of everything, mostly interval tracks for flat road and hills too. […]

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  • All Hands On Deck 241

    All Hands On Deck 241

    Inspiration: I put this playlist and ride profile together a couple weeks ago…mostly from tracks found on Spotify’s New Music Tuesday. Many good tracks that week! The title track is my current favorite…check it out on iTunes or Spotify. A top Metallica track rounds out the mix. Watch for several more posts to come in […]

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