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Pumped Up: The PEACEMAKER Ride 522

Not your everyday THEME RIDE, but I like it for something different from my typical ride mix. And if you’re a classic rock ‘n roller, you will too!

If you haven’t seen HBO Max’s DC series staring John Cena as Chris Smith (aka Peacemaker), it MIGHT be worth checking out. 🤣 The series soundtrack is loaded with hard-drivin’ rock ‘n roll and will take your ride inside to the next level!

Track list (a good mix for a variety of killer hills and fast flats):

  1. Would You Love a Creature / Sister
  2. Pumped Up Kicks / John Murphy, Ralph Saenz
  3. Come on Come On / Nashville Pussy
  4. Fight Song / Sister Sin
  5. Do Ya Wanna Taste It / Wig Wam
  6. Monster / Reckless Love
  7. Powertrain / Enemies Swe
  8. Welcome To The Church of Rock and Roll / Foxy Shazam
  9. Drag Me Down / Santa Cruz
  10. Sick Adrenaline / The Cruel Intentions
  11. By The Grace Of God / The Hellacopters
  12. You Can’t Kill My Rock ‘n Roll / Hardcore Superstar
  13. Choose Me / BAND-MAID
  14. Home Sweet Home / Motley Crue

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