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  • C is for Christmas 519

    C is for Christmas 519

    Happy Holidays! I hope this blog post finds you in good health and filled with only the joyous feelings of the Christmas season! After the past 20+ months we do need more JOY all around the world. JOY for the Canum family came just about two years ago with the arrival of our 1st grand […]

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  • Give It To Me (Now!) 499

    Give It To Me (Now!) 499

    Inspiration: Are you ready?  2020 is just days away!  I say, GIVE IT TO ME…NOW! Yesterday was Schwinn Power certification day for the Lunar Cycle team with Schwinn Master Instructor Abbie Appel…wow!  If you don’t know Abbie, she’s just about everywhere online:, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest…and Spotify!  I’m guessing you’ve heard of or […]

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  • Own It 495

    Own It 495

    Inspiration:  I love ‘FREE STYLE’ rides, because I find the music, I design the ride profile, and I pick the appropriate cues for an intense and motivating ride…I’m invested and OWN IT from start to finish!  Thanks to SPOTIFY, I have so much great music available.  Thanks to WordPress, I’m able to share it out […]

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  • Indoor Cycling:  Guide to Ride & 2020 Studio Preview (Grand Rapids, MI Edition)

    Indoor Cycling: Guide to Ride & 2020 Studio Preview (Grand Rapids, MI Edition)

    Its been less than a year since my last update on Studio Cycling options in Grand Rapids, but with holiday gift-giving and New Year resolution planning, I thought it would be a great time for an update.  So, whether you’re looking for yourself or someone on your holiday shopping list…you have more than a dozen […]

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  • 2018 Musician Tribute 453

    2018 Musician Tribute 453

    Inspiration:  We lost so many talented contributors in the world of music this year…here’s a tribute ride and playlist to recognize just a few of them as we say goodbye to 2018:  Vinnie Paul Abbot (Pantera), Tim Bergling (Avicii), Eddie Clark (Motorhead), Dennis Edwards (The Temptations), Aretha Franklin, Johann Johannsson, Ed King (Lynyrd Skynyrd), and Dolores […]

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  • Elevate 452

    Elevate 452

    Inspiration:  Just a few hills on the profile this time!  ELEVATE yourself with this ride and these tracks!  HAPPY NEW YEAR. Genre: EDM, Pop, Rock Duration: 48 minutes Summary Ride Profile & Playlist:  Warm up – Insomnia / ZAYN Seated / Standing Flat – This Is Love / Tritonal, Chris Ramos, Shanahan Seated / Standing Hill […]

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  • Sweeter:  LIVE / Endurance Ride 451

    Sweeter: LIVE / Endurance Ride 451

    Inspiration:  This really is a SWEETER ride…and a great way to close out 2018.  19 live-recorded tracks…90-minute ride…mixed genre and several decades of amazing music.  Concerts recorded at venues across the country…New York, Detroit, Miami, Red Rocks, Redwoods and LA. Pick and choose your favorite tracks for a 45 or 60-minute ride, but be sure […]

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  • Rogue Ones 450

    Rogue Ones 450

    Inspiration:  MERRY CHRISTMAS! Here’s a ROGUE RIDE for you.  8 of the 9 Spinning movements and 17 great tracks, including these favorites:  Remember, Pretty Lies, So Close, Help Me Mama, If You Were Mine, This Is What I Live For, Rogue Ones and comethru!  For shorter classes, I have the 45 minute Spotify playlist below. […]

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  • Ha Leh Lou Ya 448

    Ha Leh Lou Ya 448

    Inspiration:  It’s a brand new week and another fresh mix for your RIDE INSIDE.  Coming off the Thanksgiving feast and heading into more good eats and treats this December…time in the cycle studio is MANDATORY to burn off all those excess calories.  This ride playlist and profile will GET ‘R DONE! Finish up this 11th month […]

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  • Break The Rules 395

    Break The Rules 395

    Inspiration: MERRY CHRISTMAS! Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock. Approximate time: 49 minutes SPINlist and Summary Profile: Warm up – Rewrite The Stars / Zac Efron w/ Zendaya Seated / Standing Flat – Coming Home / Sheppard Rolling Hills – Lay By Me / firekid Standing Climb – American Soul / U2 Jumps – Go / […]

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