Give It To Me (Now!) 499

Inspiration: Are you ready?  2020 is just days away!  I say, GIVE IT TO ME…NOW!

Yesterday was Schwinn Power certification day for the Lunar Cycle team with Schwinn Master Instructor Abbie Appel…wow!  If you don’t know Abbie, she’s just about everywhere online:, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest…and Spotify!  I’m guessing you’ve heard of or know Abbie, and if not…connect with her soon.

Whether you’re building a new business (like what’s going on with Lunar Cycle right now), growing / strengthening an existing business, or building up a troubled business…consider how important these three things are:

1. Strength of the Team – Team meetings…team building is great in just about any setting, and important to be intentional about carving out time to gather, rally, share, learn, and celebrate as a team.  Each member of the team needs to understand their unique role and how and when to engage other team members to accomplish goals

2. Power of Passion – we humans are driven by passion.  Harnessing the power of an individual’s passion for their contribution and then adding the passion of the collective team…watch out!  This is not reserved for owners, investors, supervision…persistent Passion is key at all levels and in each person that’s on the payroll!

3. Value of strategic partners, advisors, consultants – These like-minded outsiders have fresh eyes on your organization, offer great perspective from their time with other organizations, understanding of and exposure to best in class techniques and practices, and access to and sharing of tools and resources for organizations with limited resources.

Doesn’t matter what you make, serve or sell…whether you do it for social good (non-profit) or for your shareholders (for profit), these three things will create a foundation of success in whatever you do.

So here’s the playlist and ride profile carried over from my last post, the 60+ minute version of these favorite tracks of 2019 with summary ride profile notes.  I included a staged breakdown of the ride, one of the mapping concepts reviewed in the training with Abbie.  Basically each stage is a sub-section of the ride, and an hour ride will generally have 3-5 stages plus the opening warm up and closing cool down and stretch.  This is my first stab at it, look for more on staging in 2020.

Don’t miss the valuable resources at the end of this post…the Spotify playlist of this ride, a featured YouTube video (Insomnia), a recent online article from Women’s Health (hey guys…don’t ignore these “women’s” stories and publications, I find that some of the information can serve us all well!)

Happy 2020!

Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock

Duration:  66 minutes

Playlist and Ride Profile:

Warm up – Guiding Light / Mumford & Sons

S1 (Stage 1)

Alt Seated / Standing Flat – When You Leave (Steve Void Remix) / Nikki Vianna, Matoma, Steve Void

Alt Seated / Standing Hill – Learn to Lose / Bakermat, Alex Clare

Sprints out of the saddle – Get Away (GATTUSO Remix) / Breathe Carolina, Rama Duke, GATTUSO, Asketa & Natan Chaim


Jumps – This Life / Vampire Weekend

Rolling Hills – South of the Boarder (Remix) / Ed Sheeran, Cardi B., Camila Cabella

Attacks on a Hill – The Power / Duke Dumont, Zak Abel

Increasing Intensity on a Hill – My Cheating Heart / Love Fame Tragedy


Increasing Speed on a Flat while Seated (Seated Work, Standing Recovery) – Karma / AJR

Deep Rhythmic Climb, Alt Seated / Standing – Insomnia / Daya

Building increase in speed, resistance and overall intensity (opt. upper body pulse on the push intervals) – Frankenstein / Editors

Alt Seated / Standing Flat with Explosive Seated Sprints – Back To Life / DubVision

Seated Climb, steady increase in gear while seated – Lo/Hi / The Black Keys

More Sprint Intervals (Seated / Standing) – Give It To Me / Yellow Claw, Nonsense

Freestyle Climb – Rock It / Ofenbach


Active Recovery: Comfortable Seated / Standing Flat – I Don’t Care / Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber

Rolling Hills – bad guy / Billie Eilish

Final Climb: Alt Seated / Standing with optional Figure 8’s – Piece Of Your Heart / MEDUZA, Goodboys

Final Sprint Intervals – Fire Alarm / Castlecomer, Welshly Arms

Cool down & Stretch – Circles / Post Malone

On Spotify:

On YouTube:


5 Stationary Bike Workouts So Fun, You’ll Forget How Hard You’re Working

They were designed by a SoulCycle instructor—but are totally gratis (AND AREN’T JUST FOR WOMEN ONLY!)








2 thoughts on “Give It To Me (Now!) 499

  1. Steve, cheers from Heidelberg, great words of inspiration. Looking forward to catching up soon at Lunar. I am bummed to miss the last ride under your direction. Until we catch up soon, thank you for your inspiration on Monday’s at 5:10am. Bonnie Grevengoed

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