Own It 495

Inspiration:  I love ‘FREE STYLE’ rides, because I find the music, I design the ride profile, and I pick the appropriate cues for an intense and motivating ride…I’m invested and OWN IT from start to finish!  Thanks to SPOTIFY, I have so much great music available.  Thanks to WordPress, I’m able to share it out to anyone who’s interested!  And THANKS to the GRYMCA or GR Parks & Rec (and other fitness organizations & studios) where we have a place to put it all in motion!  In total, start-to-finish prep for in-studio ride can take about 2 hours or more for a longer endurance ride…time well spent.

Music notes:  Own It is a great collaborative, pace-setting track, COASTED and Black Gold are longer and deeper tracks for pushing some added POWER, great to have some new tunes from The Weeknd…Blinding Lights is one of them, Zayde Wolf’s Still Fighting for It is great for that final up hill climb.  I try to avoid some of the over-played pop tracks, but AG’s 7 rings makes for a great cool down & stretch.

Thanks for following and ENJOY THE RIDE!

Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock

Duration:  50 minutes

Playlist and Ride Profile:

Warm up – Own It / Stormzy, Burna Boy, Ed Sheeran

Alt Seated / Standing Hill – This Is Real / Jax Jones, Ella Henderson

Extended Hill with increasing power intervals – COASTED / deadmau5

Sprint Intervals (2X) – Make It To Heaven / David Guetta, MORTEN, RAYE

Quick Seated Flat – Blinding Lights / The Weeknd

Seated Hill with Seated / Standing Attacks – Rise / Nicky Romero, Stadiumx, Matluck, Thomas Gold

Jumps – Bring It On Home (Stripped) / American Authors, Phillip Phillips, Maddie Poppe

Seated climb with increasing resistance – Black Gold (Joe Turner Remix) / Editors, Joe Turner

Seated / Standing Sprint Intervals (2X) – Unlove You (Nicky Romero Remix) – Armin van Buuren, Ne-Yo, Nicky Romero

Quick Seated Flat with spin-ups – Wild Boy / Romano Nervoso, Danko Jones

Alt Seated / Standing Hill (with optional Figure 8 modification) – Lose Control / MEDUZA, Becky Hill, Goodboys

Final Climb – Still Fighting for It / Zayde Wolf

Final Sprints – Go To War / Hardwell, Suyano

Cool down & Stretch – 7 rings / Ariana Grande

On Spotify:

On YouTube:


The hardest part of indoor cycling classes isn’t the climbs. It’s avoiding the many variables (seat height! resistance! posture!) that could mess with your form, efficiency, and overall workout.

Recap of the “MISTAKES” you should avoid, so when it comes to YOUR ride…you OWN IT!:

  • Clothing…bottoms / tops are loose
  • Not using cycling shoes that securely clip into the bike pedals
  • Arriving to class without leaving enough time to get settled in, saddled up and ready to ride
  • Seat (saddle) position is all wrong (too high or low, too far forward or back)…ask the instructor for assistance and save your knees and hips from unnecessary pain or damage!
  • Handle bar position is off too.  Most studio cycling bikes have plenty of adjust-ability, so take full advantage of it
  • Not following the workout…there is purpose and intent designed into the ride (and options for modifications too) so try to stick with the program
  • Resistance setting is too high or low
  • Body position or body movement on the bike is off
  • Your hand grip on the handlebars is too tight
  • Not using a balanced push AND PULL pedal stroke…it goes both ways!
  • Not letting the music take you away…music can be powerful when working out, increasing intensity, power, endurance…calorie burn!
  • Not taking important time to cool-down and stretch at the end of your workout (or taking time for warm-up at the start)
  • For classes with upper body weights…you might be skimping on the lbs
  • You’re holding your breath (or breathing too quickly)…full, deep breaths are needed from start to finish to keep fueling your muscles
  • You stop pedaling or take all the resistance off…unless your are just getting on or off the saddle, your legs should be pedaling with some resistance






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