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  • (for the ride) Inside Friend 506 and a ‘420’ Bonus

    (for the ride) Inside Friend 506 and a ‘420’ Bonus

    Inspiration: WTF!  Life on Earth has changed so much since I signed off for an intentional pause, just before the start of Lent.  The irony of lent this year, turns out I gave up more than blog posts this lent…worse yet, tens of thousands of people are loosing their battle with Covid-19, and many survivors […]

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  • Limitless 505

    Limitless 505

    Inspiration:  This will be my last post for the next several weeks…FOR THE RIDE INSIDE is going dark for Lent in 2020.  And this is a great RED LINE, burner for Fat Tuesday! This mix loaded with speed and strength intervals on flats and hills, from 20 second sprints to full minute crushers!  And you […]

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  • Howl At The Moon 🌔🌕🌖 501

    Howl At The Moon 🌔🌕🌖 501

    Inspiration:  Friday night 1/10/2020…the first full moon of the new decade will surely bring the wolves out! In Grand Rapids, it’s also the public reveal of the newest cycle studio to hit the fitness, health & wellness scene…LUNAR CYCLE!  Over the past several weeks I’ve been working with 10 other fantastic trainers / instructors and the […]

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  • Start a Fire 🔥 500

    Start a Fire 🔥 500

    Inspiration:  New day, New Year, NEW DECADE…all start today!  Also today, reached #500 for playlist/ride profile posts here!  Let’s START A FIRE…everyday, every time we’re in the Cycle Studio.  The inspiring SoulCycle FIND IT! promo clip from 2017 always get’s me FIRED UP…I hope this first post, playlist and ride profile do the same for […]

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  • Wellness Grind: Ready To Go! Wendie, author of the Wellness Grind health, wellness & lifestyle blog shared this with me this morning…take a few minutes to check out this post, playlist and DETAILED ride profile. Wendie puts her heart & soul into these rides…this one will get you READY TO GO! Again, Happy New Year…be well & as always, […]

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  • Indoor Cycling:  Guide to Ride & 2020 Studio Preview (Grand Rapids, MI Edition)

    Indoor Cycling: Guide to Ride & 2020 Studio Preview (Grand Rapids, MI Edition)

    Its been less than a year since my last update on Studio Cycling options in Grand Rapids, but with holiday gift-giving and New Year resolution planning, I thought it would be a great time for an update.  So, whether you’re looking for yourself or someone on your holiday shopping list…you have more than a dozen […]

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  • No Stress 494

    No Stress 494

    Inspiration:  It’s THANKSGIVING week, and I’m sure you didn’t need me to remind you of this! There are mixed emotions around this time of year…heading into December holidays, shorter (and colder) days, a new year weeks away, etc. – all the things that bring on a flood of STRESS for many.  While I’m no master […]

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  • Keep On 493

    Keep On 493

    Inspiration:  Never give up, stay the course, stick with it, hold fast, go for it….KEEP ON! Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock Duration:  49 minutes Playlist and Ride Profile: Warm up – Still Ridin’ / Yelawolf Alt Seated / Standing Flat – Body Back / Gryffin, Maia Wright Alt Seated / Standing Hill – Better Than […]

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