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Inspiration:  Friday night 1/10/2020…the first full moon of the new decade will surely bring the wolves out!

In Grand Rapids, it’s also the public reveal of the newest cycle studio to hit the fitness, health & wellness scene…LUNAR CYCLE!  Over the past several weeks I’ve been working with 10 other fantastic trainers / instructors and the two passionate founders / owners to bring the BEST IN STUDIO CYCLING to West Michigan!  How freakin’ exciting is that?!

Here’s my take on the TOP TEN things you need to know about this unique and remarkable studio:

  1. Years in the making…from initial concept to the upcoming Open House, this has been a 2-3 year journey of thoughtful development.
  2. Local, woman-owned/managed business in the growing commercial Medical Mile / Midtown corridor of my home town.
  3. 100% Indoor Cycling…100% focus, dedication and commitment to the best Studio Cycling experience.
  4. Diverse and inclusive programing…The signature MoonBeats experience (45m), Cycle HIIT (45m), Cycle DISTANCE (75m), Cycle HYPNOS (45m) and for those looking to extend their fitness journey, an introduction via Cycle LITE (30m)!  No other indoor cycling program in west Michigan offers this variety.  Select formats include full body fitness and a music-forward rhythm ride.
  5. Custom applications of equipment, sound & lighting system and the space to ignite ALL the senses!
  6. Integration of equipment and electronics…depending on your mood and fitness goals, the experience can be high-tech & metric-driven to low-tech and soulful!  Forty Schwinn AC Power bikes equipped with Echelon2G console with classes led by Schwinn-certified trainers.
  7. A full 7-day schedule of class times for people with busy and full 7-day schedules of their own…start times most days from 5:30am to 7pm with mid-day options too.
  8. Monthly Cycle KARMA rides will give members and the community-at-large an opportunity to experience Lunar Cycle while supporting a local 501(c)3 non-profit organization…all proceeds go to organizations that support “social good” in West Michigan.
  9. Use the Lunar Cycle mobile app (for iPhone) to simplify class booking.
  10. In summary…it just all adds up!  Space + Equipment + Technology + Wellness + Community + PASSION = LUNAR CYCLE Indoor Cycle Studio!

More current details at the updated website:

On to the ride profile and playlist!

This ride profile is for a typical CYCLE HIIT ride, a 45-minute full-court press:  Rhythm ride with mixed terrain, mixed intense intervals, jumps, sprints, intense steep climbs, quick flats, intense combo attacks, etc.

Mixed music genres cover everything from Duran Duran, Mumford & Sons, and The Black Keys…to David Guetta & Sia, Grace VanderWaal, and others.

Don’t miss these tracks:  Howl (Years & Years), Wolves (KAAZE…), Howl At The Moon (Stadiumx), and The Wolf (The Spencer Lee Band).

Gather your wolf pack and go for a ride…inside!

Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock

Duration:  49 minutes

Playlist and Ride Profile:


Warm up – Howl / Years & Years

S1 (Stage 1)

Combo (alt Seated / Standing) Flat – Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing / Set It Off

Quick Seated Flat with random spin-ups…Group Ride, Rock ‘n Roll – Howl / The Gaslight Anthem

Combo (alt Seated / Standing) Climb – Wolves / KAAZE, Sam Tinnesz, Silverberg


Seated Flat / Tempo – The Wolf / Mumford & Sons

Seated Flat with Combo Sprints (2X) – She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) / David Guetta with Sia

Power Climb – Of Wolf And Man / Metallica


Quick Seated Flat – Wolf Like Me / TV On The Radio

Hill climb with increasing intensity…Seated to Standing – Hungry Like The Wolf / Duran Duran

Jumps (with optional modification for upper body presses) – Howlin’ For You / The Black Keys

Combo Sprints (2X), Standing active recovery – Howl At The Moon / Stadiumx, Taylr Renee


Arms (with optional modification for Heavy Combo Hill climb) The Wolf / The Spencer Lee Band

Race to the Finish…mixed terrain / intervals with increasing intensity – Big Bad Wolf / In This Moment [E]


Cool down & Stretch – Moonlight / Grace VanderWaal

On Spotify:

On YouTube:

Love this LYRIC VIDEO!  One of the best I’ve seen in a while.


TEN YEARS IN THE MAKING (Flywheel Sports formed in 2010)…

Flywheel Studios Said Near Sale to New York Sports Clubs Owner







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