Further Up: Mr. 305 in the 616 (Pitbull Mix) 502

Inspiration:  The 305 area (South Florida) sounds pretty good now…compared with the 616 area (West Michigan)…and with the newest Pitbull release out, this theme ride sounded like a good idea.  This is also a nod to fellow Miami area cycle instructor Adam Ginsberg (GinsSpins), winding down and enjoying the #onelastdance at RedBike Cycle Studio. Here’s a recent post on Instagram:


2019! Wow! Hands down the best year of classes for me. From the ride at @spacemiami for @daybreakermiami, to the @browniesandlemonade DJ ride during Miami Music Week, and all of the amazing themed rides we did. It was all more than I could have imagined when I wrote this same post one year ago. And that’s why, even with so much momentum heading into 2020, it pains me to share the next bit of news. I am certain that my final ride as an instructor will be in 2020. When exactly is unknown. My goal was to make it to 5 years as an instructor, so at the very least I will continue until May/June. Like I said, nothing is set in stone and of course things change. But here’s where I need your help. I’m asking you as my riders in 2020 to be louder, have more fun, and never forget to dance. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for joining me night in and night out. It means more to me than you know. So to take a page out of Dwyane Wade’s book, let this mark the beginning of my #onelastdance!

Enjoy the Ride Adam…I’m sure your RedBike riders will deliver!

Genre: Pop, EDM

Duration:  46 minutes


On Spotify:

On YouTube:


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