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Hey Hey Hallelujah 315

Inspiration: The month is passing quickly and it’s been over two weeks since I’ve posted. Today I had two classes, including another RPM class to sub for, so be sure to check out the shorter 45m version on Spotify. Some current favorites that I’ve been using a lot…Work, Don’t Need Nobody, It Ain’t My Fault, Bad Man, River and Get Ugly. Two tracks (Heartbeat and Motion) were picked up from RPM #68.
Genre: Alternative, Country, EDM, Pop, Rock
Approximate time: 63 minutes

Ride Profile & Tunes:

Warm up – Heartbeat / Mat Kearney

Seated / Standing Flat – That’s How You Know / Nico & Vinz (feat. Kid Ink & Bebe Rexha)
Seated / Standing Hill – Motion / Chicane

Seated Hill – Don’t Need Nobody / Ellie Goulding
Seated Sprints (3X) – Sleeping With A Friend (Kat Krazy Radio Mix) / Neon Trees
Quick Standing Hill – It Ain’t My Fault / Brothers Osborne

Quick Seated Flat with Tabata Sprints – Bad Man / Pitbull (feat. Robin Thicke, Travis Barker, Joe Perry)
Seated / Standing Flat – Wild Child / Cardinox

Jumps on a Hill – Hey Hey Hallelujah / Rachel Platten (feat. Andy Grammer)
Seated / Standing Hill – 3AM / Mads Langer

Seated Flat with resistance loading – Work / Rihanna (feat. Drake)
Seated to Standing Hill – River / Bishop
Seated Flat with cadence building – The Ghosts Of Beverly Drive / Death Cab for Cutie

Seated / Standing Hill – Get Ugly / Jason Derulo
Standing Hill – Rise / David Guetta (feat. Skylar Grey)
Seated Sprints (3X) – Love The Past, Play The Future / CTS
Cool down & Stretch – Over And Over Again / Nathan Sykes (feat. Ariana Grande)

On Spotify:

Shorter 45m version:

On YouTube:

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7 responses to “Hey Hey Hallelujah 315”

  1. Thanks for posting, your playlists and routines are great!!!

    What is timing for the “Quick Seated Flat with Tabata Sprints – Bad Man / Pitbull (feat. Robin Thicke, Travis Barker, Joe Perry)”? Could you please write out the timing for the tabata sprints?

    Thank you! Huge appreciation for your posts!!


    • Thanks for your post Inga! About Bad Man…isn’t it a great track?
      What I’ve been doing is a random alternation between intense sprint intervals with short recovery breaks. For example after a 10 sec transition at the start, get moving with a 10s sprint, then 15s recovery, then a 20s sprint, followed by a 10s recovery, a 15s sprint, a 20s recovery, then a 30s sprint…and so on until end of the track. You could also match the movements better with the changes in the music, using the “Come ‘n get it girl / Ooo Ahh…Ooo Ahh” as a cue for sprint work.


      • Thanks for the reply! I am going to try ‘Bad Man’ tomorrow in my 5:45am class with the timing you suggested.

        How do you perform ‘jumps on a hill’ for “hey hey hallelujah”?

        I’ve seen multiple variations of “Jumps on a hill” from other instructors.



      • Thanks for the reply!! Yes, this is a great track. I am going to try it tomorrow in my 5:45am class with the timing you suggested.

        How do you perform “jumps on a hill” for hey hey hallelujah? I’ve seen multiple instructors perform the drill differently.

        Thank you!!!!


      • For Jumps on a Hill, the resistance is higher and rhythm is slower than std jumps…adding more resistance every 45-60s. Alternating from Seated hand position 2 to Standing Hand positiin 3.


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