2017 Twelve Days of Fitness – A Wellness Challenge

This holiday season, don’t let the busy time distract you from the things that keep you WELL and able to enjoy this month with friends and family!

One way to help keep that focus and challenge yourself to be more MINDFUL is to celebrate the TWELVE DAYS OF FITNESS. For these days from December 11th through 22nd, add one new and different thing to your daily routine…something to improve your state of WELLNESS.

Here’s a starter list and my personal 12-day plan. I’m sure you have some ideas of your own (please share them with a COMMENT to this post):

12 Monday (12/11/17) – Green Eating…Vegetarian / Vegan Day (skip meat or animal-based food)
11 Tuesday – Flex your muscles…Strength training / Les Mills Body Pump class.
10 Wednesday – Mystery Gift Giver…share a small, unexpected gift with a friend.
9 Thursday – Get Down Dawg…take a yoga class / Les Mills Body Flow class.
8 Friday – Take a Mental Health Moment (or day)…at least a couple hours to recharge.
7 Saturday – Get a FULL 7-8 hours of sleep tonight!
6 Sunday – Scratch cook one or all meals at home today…try something new-to-you.
5 Monday – Review your current Credit Report and make a plan to understand / increase / maintain your credit score.
4 Tuesday – Get Wet – take an aqua fitness class, soak in a hot-tub, swim some laps.
3 Wednesday – Go for a neighborhood run / walk and meet someone new on your street.
2 Thursday – Review or draft an updated household budget…make a plan to increase your 401k / 403b / IRA contribution in 2018.
1 Friday (12/22/17) – Take a Social Media / TV time out…make time to listen to your favorite music or read a magazine / book.

Other suggestions:
– Participate in a RPM or other Indoor Cycling class for the first time or with a new-to-you instructor or at a new studio.
– Try a new vegetable or fruit with your lunch or dinner.
– Text or call a friend or family member that you’ve not connected with in a while.
– Take 1-2 hours for yourself…schedule a therapeutic message or other spa service.
– Create a personal music playlist that will inspire you to workout.

The 11th is just about a week away, plenty of time for you to create your own 12 DAYS CHALLENGE.

So whatever YULE celebrate this month…don’t forgot YOU!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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