Break The Rules 395

Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock.
Approximate time: 49 minutes
SPINlist and Summary Profile:
Warm up – Rewrite The Stars / Zac Efron w/ Zendaya
Seated / Standing Flat – Coming Home / Sheppard
Rolling Hills – Lay By Me / firekid
Standing Climb – American Soul / U2
Jumps – Go / Mariliis Jogeva
Seated Climb & Standing Sprints on a Hill – No Limits / Zayde Wolf
Seated Climb – River / Eminem w/ Ed Sheeran
Sprints – Break the Rules / Butterfly Boucher
Seated Hill & Running on a Hill – Hello Shadow / Kiesza w/ SKYGGE
Seated / Standing Climb with Figure 8’s – No Need (Brunelle Remix) / RIKA, THE HIGHESTER, Brunelle
Extended Seated Run – Anna Sun / WALK THE MOON
Final Climb / Jumps on a Hill – MIC Drop / BTS, Desiigner, Steve Aoki
Sprints – Say Goodbye / Jack Taylor
Cool down & Stretch – Better Place / Rachel Platten

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