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Indoor Cycling at Latitude 58!: A Guest Post by Katy McKerney 394

Just about two weeks until the Christmas Holiday weekend is here, and this guest post by Alaskan athlete, Katy, is perfect for your 2017 Holiday Theme Ride. There are some great, upbeat, contemporary Holiday tracks that YOU NEED TO CHECK OUT.
Here’s Katy and her early AM riders…shinning BRIGHT!

A HUGE “THANKS” right back at YOU Katy for all your support and friendship across the latitudes…Ride On!

I have the highest praise for Steve and his selfless online contributions that so many instructors can access for FREE information. Online forums like, For the Ride Inside and other national cycling associations are incredibly advantageous for sharing and obtaining ideas for innovative music and class profiles. A HUGE THANK YOU to Steve.

Latitude 58 places me in Juneau, an Alaskan town accessible only by boat or plane. Residents can drive a total of about 60 miles from downtown in one direction before the road dead ends in Echo Cove, surrounded by spectacular wilderness.

Evolving into a mentor and coach as a cycling instructor is a natural progression from a lifetime spent in wild and scenic places. Early years for me revolved around working on horse ranches and soon the lure of the mountains grabbed my imagination. Summiting peaks in the Northwest U.S. and Canada became my obsession long before climbing was cool.

Turning this love affair for the outdoors into a living resulted in becoming a geologist that led to exploring for gold and minerals in remote regions of the U.S., Alaska, and ultimately Central Lapland, Northern Finland. Graduate school in interior Alaska placed me squarely in company with winter temperatures that dropped to -50 degrees Fahrenheit. With the first winter, it became icy clear that being outside was an exercise in donning survival gear so it is in the subarctic that my life long relationship with working out in fitness facilities and working for them as a second or third job began.

Since my late 20’s, aside from foreign travel, I have recreated almost exclusively in Alaska and the Yukon centered on hiking, biking and paddling. My first real adventure cycling ride was the Dempster Highway in Canada’s Northwest Territory. It is a dirt road that is 457 miles one-way, crosses two rivers and ends in Inuvik. Mountain biking where cars are far and few between is my outside cycling preference. Due to demands of travel and work in Alaska, becoming a cycling instructor was not possible until I was almost retired from my primary career job.

My first teaching certification (Schwinn) was obtained at the IDEA World Convention in Los Angeles with Jay Blahnik. Soon thereafter I became a certified Spinning instructor, lifetime member of Adventure Cycling Association, member of national online associations to further my education from active instructors around the country. I study and work on other certifications as time allows.
I am in my fifth year of teaching at least three classes a week at a locally owned club called Pavitt Health and Fitness. I advocate that exercise should be like our middle name, just part of who we are!

I would love to host guest instructors in my classes so if you ever get lost, wake-up, look around to find yourself in a little town ruled by dogs and topped by an ice field, find me at Pavitt’s but don’t forget your bike shoes and be prepared to teach a class!

Profile: Happy Holidaze
Profile created by: Katy McKerney
Length: 45 minutes
Profile Objective: Holiday Theme Ride! The purpose of this ride is to burn off all those rib-sticking calories and HAVE FUN! I encourage singing. New Releases include What Child is This? By Lindsey Stirling 10/20/17; HO HO HO by Sia 11/17/17; You Make It Feel Like Christmas by Gwen Stefani 10/6/17; and Know No Better by Major Lazer 11/24/17.

What Child is This by Lindsey Stirling (3:19)-Pre-Warm-up/Easy Stretches, chat about the ride, importance of hydration and modifying.

A Great Big Sled (feat. Toni Halliday) by The Killers (4:19)-Warm-up/ 30 second Seated Flat, add resistance & surge 30 seconds, repeat these 30 second Seated Flat and Surge intervals to end of the song.

One More Sleep by Leona Lewis (4:00)-Standing Climb/0:00-1:00 Standing Flat; 1:00-2:00 Standing Climb; 2:00-4:00 increase gear for heavy Standing Climb but do not fall below 60 RPM.

Jingle Bells by Basshunter (2:46)-Combo Flat/0:00-0:21 Seated Flat; 0:21-0:51 add 5 rpm and increase gear; 0:51-1:05 add 5 rpm or more and Sprint; 1:05-1:55 reduce by 5 rpm Fast Flat; 1:55-2:46 Sprint!

Santa Baby (Dance Remix) by Krystof-Fast Flat & Standing Surge Intervals/0:00-0:30 Fast Flat; 0:30-0:45 Standing Surges; repeat 30 seconds Fast Flat followed by 15 second Standing Surges til the end of the song.

The First Noel (feat. Owl City) by Tobymac (3:32)-Seated Climb/Standing Climb/Start out in a Seated Climb and come out of the saddle to a Standing Climb whenever you hear the chorus that starts with NOEL. Add resistance whenever come out of the saddle.

Feliz Navidad by Aqua Teen Hunger Force (2:25)-Continue from above Seated Climb/Standing Climb/Start out in Seated Climb, add resistance and come out of the saddle when you hear, “I want to wish you a Merry Christmas!”. Return to a Seated Climb on the verse and come out of the saddle when you hear, “I want to get me a steak burrito” and continue in a moderate standing climb until the end of the song.

The Christmas Can Can by Straight No Chaser (2:42)-Fast Flat & Running with Resistance/0:00-0:30 Fast Seated Flat; 0:30-2:42 Running with Resistance to the fast pace of the song.

Happy Holidaze (feat. Bc Jean) by Astro Safari USA (2:43)-Continued Fast Flat & Running with Resistance/ 0:00-1:00 Fast Flat: 1:00-2:43 Running with Resistance.

HO HO HO by Sia (3:26)-Seated Flat & Jumps/0:00-1:00 Fast Flat; 1:00-3:29 Jumps on a Hill 4 count.

You Make It Feel Like Christmas (feat. Blake Shelton) by Gwen Stefani (2:38)-Active Recovery/0:00-2:38
Fast Flat (85-90 RPM).

Know No Better (feat. Travis Scott, Camila Cabello & Quavo)[Walshy Fire X Megatone Remix] by Major Lazer (4:16)-Rolling Hill/0:00-1:00 Seated Climb; 1:00-1:30 Seated Climb right leg only, left leg floats; 1:30-2:00 Seated Climb left leg only, right leg floats; 2:00-2:30 Seated Climb right leg only left leg floats; 2:30-3:00 left leg only right leg floats; 3:00-4:00 Standing Climb with a final push to the summit the last 15 seconds. Song fades last 16 seconds so can move to the descent on next song!

Run Run Rudolph by Los Lonely Boys (3:00)-Sprint/0:00-3:00 find a fast race pace above your set pace and hold with some headwind gear until the end of the song.

All I Want For Christmas is You by Fifth Harmony (3:49)-Short Steep Rolling Hill/0:00-0:55 Seated Climb (65 RPM); 0:55-2:00 Standing Climb (70 RPM); 2:00-3:00 Running on a Hill (70-75 RPM) to the summit; 3:00-3:49 Sprint down the other side.

Carol of the Bells by Pentatonix (3:14) and Christmas by Blues Traveler (5:44)-Cool Down and Stretch.

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