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  • Move Your Body 353

    Move Your Body 353

    Inspiration: The first Saturday of 2017…preparing for WEEK TWO of the new year. Let’s GET UP, GET OUT and GET SOME! I think it’ll be a great year of music on SPOTIFY…and another great year for Indoor Cycling. More new music hit the wire this week, including some Sheeran & Sia. A new movie in […]

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  • Finna Get Loose 269

    Finna Get Loose 269

    Inspiration: Tomorrow, for the first time in a while, I’m back at the DDH Y Cycle Studio for the Saturday summer double header…a 45 minute ride, a 15 minute break and a 60 minute ride. We’ll start off with this mix to kick off another weekend! If you haven’t heard the warm up track by […]

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