Soundtrack… 338

Inspiration: Just like the importance of a solid SOUNDTRACK in a movie or television show…a good ride becomes a great adventure with a solid SOUNDTRACK (aka Playlist, Tracklist, SpinList). Here’s a good one!
I’ve used both variations…the full 60m mix and a shortened 45m version. Either way, there are plenty of calories to be burned on this ride.
Notable tracks: Bright Lights – This is a great opener by 30 Seconds… look for the edited version to keep lyrics Y-friendly! blink-182 and The Goo Goo Dolls both had new releases this summer, check out their two tracks here…and the rest of their albums. If you LOVE The Struts…PUT YOUR HANDS UP! Only Love by Mumford… is a great transitional track, from finishing up a hill climb to a quick stretch of flat road. Big Trouble…Thanks Allison W. for the heads up on this OUTASIGHT track. The Paul Oakenfold Remix of ZZ Ward’s …Stole It track is the best! Back From the Dead is one of many hard rockin’ tracks from Skillet (another Summer ’16 release). Gypsy is a perennial favorite from Lady Gaga for a finishing set of sprints…any else like this one as much as I do? Definitely my GO TO sprint track.
Just listen to the whole thing, I think you’ll ENJOY THE RIDE! Enjoy the last half of August.

Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock
Approximate time: 63 minutes
Ride Profile & Tunes:
Warm Up – Bright Lights / Thirty Seconds To Mars
Seated / Standing Flat – Make Me Feel / Galantis with East & Young
Seated / Standing Hill – F V R / Janelle Kroll
Seated Flat with Sprints – She’s Out Of Her Mind / blink-182
Standing Hill / Seated Pushes – Put Your Hands Up / The Struts
Jumps – Without Me / Eminem
Seated Hill / Standing Uphill Sprints – Call Me A Spaceman / Hardwell
Steep Seated Hill Climb – Sledgehammer / Rihanna
Continued Hill Climb transition to quick Seated Flat (105 RPM +) – Only Love / Mumford & Sons
Standing Hill – Got Your Number / Serena Ryder
Running with Resistance – Over and Over / The Goo Goo Dolls
Seated / Standing Hill with Optional Figure 8’s modification – Soundtrack Of My Life / RAI
Team Sprints (10-15s ON / 10-15s OFF) – Tidal Wave / Taking Back Sunday
FREE TRACK / Riders’ Choice – Big Trouble / Outasight
Sprints – Move Like U Stole It (P. Oakenfold Radio Remix) / ZZ Ward
Quick Standing Hill Climb – Back From the Dead / Skillet
Finishing Sprints – Gypsy / Lady Gaga
Cool down and Stretch – The Courtyard / LOLO

On Spotify:
Full 60m ride version

Shortened 45m ride version

On iTunes:

On YouTube:
This one deserves more views…

In The News:
I’m old school, I still prefer 60m to 45m…30m???

In the Mail:
After a hectic day of work and stale emails, here’s the one email that made the day. Another good reason to head back to Chicago…SOON! Next time you’re in the Windy City, be sure to visit SoulCycle in The Loop or Old Town!

We Miss Your Soul!
Hey Steve,
How’ve you been? It’s been a while since we’ve seen you and we’d love to treat you to a ride on us to kick-start your SOUL routine. If you’re interested in taking another class here at The Loop studio just give us a call! There’s a bike here with your name on it!
Motivation. Dedication. Transformation. DONE.
See you back on a bike, Rocco+The Soul Loop Team

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