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  • 21-day Challenge…in progress

    21-day Challenge…in progress

    2013 is moving along quickly and before you know it, we’ll be watching the MSU Spartans and fans invade Pasadena, CA for the Rose Bowl AND many new faces will appear in clubs, gyms and Cycle Studios! Last week I announced a three-part 21-day Challenge in my Cycle classes: #1 – Explore options and participate […]

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  • Spinning®…certified

    Now that it’s been a year, here are some reflections on Spinning® and becoming a certified class instructor. I’ll never forget that first class at the Ramblewood Tennis & Fitness Center in suburban Grand Rapids, MI. It was the mid 1990’s and a new exercise class was sweeping the nation…Spinning®. After the preliminary business of […]

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  • 364 days and counting…

    364 days and counting…

    This weekend marks the one year anniversary of my internet blog featuring all things Indoor Cycling / Spinning®! In the past year I have a whole new appreciation for the amazing BLOG community. It’s great having a global connection to others who share my enthusiasm (obsession) for Indoor Cycling / Spinning®. WordPress® is such a […]

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