INdurance Cycling


  • What – Special series of twelve 90-minute Endurance Cycling sessions
  • Where – Mary Free Bed YMCA, Cascade Twp
  • When – Sundays 10:30am – Noon, starting Jan. 15th
  • Who – YOU with Doreen Barnes or Steve Canum (a rotation schedule)
  • Why – Because WE LOVE CYCLING at the Y!

For the Greater Grand Rapids YMCA, it’s that time of year for a limited-time indoor cycling series…Endurance Cycling! This will be a 12-week series of 90-minute classes for indoor AND outdoor cycling enthusiasts alike. The details aren’t fully worked out yet, but I’m already preparing for this perennial favorite of mine. All the details to follow soon.

It’s not the first time I’ve posted on this topic…here’s a collection of previous posts related to endurance-themed rides. As the “normal” order of things has been disrupted by COVID in recent years, this will be my first time leading an endurance-themed class since 2018.

Same as other cycling classes of mine, the music is front and center. In addition to many class-specific mixes, I have a growing SPOTIFY playlist with some prime endurance ride tracks clocking in at 5 minutes or longer:

SPOT on..a growing collection of 5-9 minute tracks!

Finally, I found another great free resource on this topic at Cycling Weekly. I love this statement: “…we’ve partnered up with Alzheimer’s Research UK to bring you in-depth training plans for your cycling goals.”

Building towards a big ride? Use our endurance cycling training plan to boost your long-distance potential

Here’s how to boost your endurance engine…

Don’t miss all of the great resources in this post to bring your A-game for the ENDURANCE ride inside! Same as my other class posts, I’ll share playlists, summary ride profiles, and class notes via this blog.

Thanks for checking in and enjoy your first weekend of 2023!


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