H is for HAPPY New Year 540

I’m starting 2023 in the cycle studio with a class-favorite theme ride format. This 60-minute ride profile features H-named artists. Like the other “alpha” rides, this is an eclectic mix of many artists and variety of songs released over the years, and coincidentally…many Hills ahead.

I can always count on discovering some new gems with these alpha-theme rides. This time…HIM and Jodie Harsh! Some re-discoveries include: Talking Heads, Don Henley, and Heart. And my current go-to favorites: Hardwell, Halsey, and Becky Hill.

Keeping with the H theme of this post, here are some words that might resonate for you in 2023: Healthy, Hopeful, Helpful, Honest, Honor, Healing, Harmony, Humorous, Humble, Humane, High, Hero, Hospitable, Humility…and once again HAPPY!

Summary class profile & Playlist:

  • Welcome & Warm-up: First Class / Jack Harlow
  • Combo flat: Run / Becky Hill, Galantis
  • Quick seated flat with increasing resistance: Incomplete / Hoobastank
  • Combo hill: Higher Love / Kygo, Whitney Houston
  • Sprints (3X) w/ standing flat active recovery: Feel So Close (Radio Edit) / Calvin Harris
  • Intense progressive climb: Wicked Game / HIM
  • Jumps: Jump Around / House Of Pain
  • Quick flat: Barracuda / Heart
  • Combo hill: I am not a woman, I’m a god / Halsey
  • Sprints (3X): I Can Feel It / Hey Violet
  • Jumps: Once in a Lifetime (2005 Remaster) / Talking Heads
  • Rolling hills: Good Time / Jodie Harsh
  • Sprints: Glitterball / Ella Henderson, Sigma
  • Jumps (again!): Got My Mind Set On You (Remastered 2004) / George Harrison
  • Final climb: The Wire / HAIM
  • Tabata (2:1 work to recovery ratio) Sprint intervals (seated / standing): I FEEL LIKE DANCING / Hardwell
  • Cool down & Stretch: Taking You Home / Don Henley

On Spotify:

A full hour, multi-terrain mix!

On YouTube:

A favorite Halsey Hill track

SPin the news:

Indoor Cycling Supports This Rider’s Mental and Physical Health and Helps Her Stay Sober




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