MOVE 512

Just a speed post this time…just FIVE 🔥 takeaways!

FIRST…the Spotify playlist (they’re all good!):

SECOND…the YouTube video playlist (haven’t done this in a while – be sure to check out HOT AIR BALLOON, SKYWALK, ALIVE, and SHIVERS):

THIRD…if you’re in west Michigan, ride this one with me Monday, at the Mary Free Bed YMCA in Cascade Township!

FOURTH…please like, comment, or share this post and blog site with other studio cycling enthusiasts! Would be great to hear from you and grow the reach of FOR THE RIDE INSIDE! 🚴🏻🎶😅

And FIFTH…wherever you are and whatever you’re doing…ENJOY THE RIDE!

Also found this great reminder of the 8 REASONS why we do this…

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