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Category: What is STUDIO CYCLING?

  • Cycling in the City: NYC Edition

    Cycling in the City: NYC Edition

    Planning a trip to NYC in the near future? Check out this post via Racked NY – Workout Wednesday. Many studios offer a complimentary first ride. Hey, Indoor Cycling Studios: What’s Your ‘Thing’? Wednesday, July 2, 2014, by Laura Gurfein

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  • Time to FLY

    Time to FLY


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  • Guide To Ride

    Guide To Ride

    GUIDE TO RIDE (click here to view) Click on the above link to see this informational booklet from Spinning / Mad Dogg Athletics…

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  • Go for a Virtual Ride!

    Go for a Virtual Ride!

    If you can find about 45 minutes to get away…try this: Plug into to Spotify (, close your eyes, listen to these tunes and go for a virtual ride. Starting with a warm up…ending with a cool down and full body stretch, imagine a long stretch of road that is filled with a variety of […]

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  • For indoor cycling enthusiasts, from

    For indoor cycling enthusiasts, from

    A good variety of resources: Must see…these SAFE RIDING tips (2010) should not be ignored! Click to access Keep_it_Safe.pdf Periodization, from Johnny G (2003)…just right for any New Year! Click to access Periodization.pdf

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  • What to expect at your first class…

    What to expect at your first class…

    A couple articles found on the web… From Greatist, Know Before You Go… Another… Indoor Cycle / Spinning Class (Portions taken from Indoor cycles or studio cycles (or Spinners) help to strengthen your cardiovascular abilities, tone your glutes, calves, thighs and in addition, are an excellent way to get those legs slim and […]

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  • Where to take a class…

    Where to take a class…

    UPDATE: Be sure to check out the 2016 Update…Cycling INSIDE The City at Enjoy the Ride! Several health and fitness clubs in the greater Grand Rapids area offer indoor cycling / Spinning classes…some locations with more than 18 classes weekly, Sunday through Saturday. Often you can sign up for a free trial membership for […]

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