Rules of the RIDE…INSIDE

We’re just weeks away from the perennial busy season in the fitness industry!  Here are sixteen pointers to make the most of your next (maybe your FIRST) cycle class.
– Arrive about 7-10 minutes prior to scheduled start time to get set-up and start a light warm up (if its your first time, make it 15 minutes prior so you can ensure orientation and set-up).
– Bring a change of footwear to keep the studio free of outside elements (dirt, salt, water, etc.)  Consider bringing cycling shoes that clip into the pedals.
– Bring a friend to share a great workout…and accountability!
– Dress for success…preferably in comfortable (but not loose-fitting), moisture-wicking fitness wear.
– Don’t forget a towel and refillable water bottle…stay hydrated throughout the class.
– Take a quick minute to meet your trainer / instructor and let them know if you are experiencing any unique health conditions or need to leave early. Be sure to ask questions or discuss any issues with the equipment.
– Allow time for a beneficial and active warm-up in the first 4-7 minutes.
– PLEASE…no talking during the class, it’s distracting to those around you, and probably even the person you’re talking to.
– Honor your body and make modifications that suit YOU. Your abilities and fitness goals may (should) vary day to day…that’s okay. While healthy competition is beneficial it’s not required. If you need a break…TAKE IT, and get back at it when ready!
– Carefully manage your cadence (speed measured in RPMs), resistance (AKA gear, level)…which combine to generate POWER (energy measured in WATTs).
– Practice mindfulness while in the studio…be present, and open to give all you have in that moment…not distracted by other events and activities that exist outside of the cycle studio. If you are comfortable with it, use visualization to be fully engaged.
– Maintain a strong sense of your form, grip / hand position, posture, and breath…make adjustments as needed.
– Give your neighbor(s) a nod, fist-bump or high-five for a strong showing.
– Take time for a restorative cool down and muscle stretch…observe a 60-90 minute recovery period, drinking plenty of fluids and eating healthy proteins.
– Ride / Recover / RETURN…schedule your next class.
– Most important…just have fun and Enjoy the Ride!

Don’t just take it from me, check other resources and GOOGLE something like “tips for my first indoor cycle class“.

Just for laughs…on YouTube:


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