Trophies: NCAA March Madness Theme Ride 524

The 2023 mix is in the works, here’s a look back at the ’22 mix…

for the ride inside...Music playlists, Ride profiles, Guest posts, Studio reviews, and more...

One more post before Monday, I’ve been relentless on the laptop this weekend!

I thought February was ripe for THEME RIDES…but March is a Mad Theme month too! I think this is my first attempt at March Madness / Game Day Ride mix, so LMK what you think (I love your LIKES, COMMENTS, and SHARES!).

I used some resources from GOOGLE, YOUTUBE, SPOTIFY, and my personal favorites over the years to craft this 66-minute SPINlist (I couldn’t cut any of them). I hope your team goes all the way to play (WIN!) on April 4th!

SPINlist and Summary Ride Profile:

WARM UP: Gonna Get It Started / JAXSON GAMBLE

FIRST CLIMB…JUMPS ON A HILL: Start Me Up / The Rolling Stones




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