Can I Sit Next to You? 360

Inspiration: Starting next week I'm picking up a new weeknight spin class at the Y. It's a 45 minute class, so I'll be posting more of those for another month or two, including this one today. It's a big day in Grand Rapids, as we kick-off the 10+ day comedy event LaughFest. This SERIOUSLY FUNNY … Continue reading Can I Sit Next to You? 360

Happy Place 322

Inspiration: This post is inspired by and dedicated to LaughFest '16. The annual and SERIOUSLY FUNNY event that provides the BEST MEDICINE throughout the greater Grand Rapids community. This year's event kicked off last Thursday and runs practically non-stop through the 20th. First and foremost, this is an awareness and fundraising event that's all about … Continue reading Happy Place 322

Make You Better 243

Inspiration: A 60 minute class today calls for a fresh 60 minute playlist! Also this weekend...the first weekend of the 2015 installment of LaughFest, an annual event in the greater Grand Rapids area. This year is the fifth time comedians have taken over the city for 10 days of this "seriously funny" event. Last night … Continue reading Make You Better 243