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  • In the Waiting Line 286

    In the Waiting Line 286

    Inspiration: Now that Fall is officially here, so is the cooler weather, shorter days and increasing traffic at the gym. For this mix, I found a variety of new and older favorites that are 4, 5, 6…7 minutes each that will take your ride beyond the cycle studio. Genre: Alternative, EDM, Rock. Approximate time: 60 […]

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  • Pumpin Blood 116

    Inspiration: Many tracks found on Spotify’s global top music channels…while the nephews watched Wreck It Ralph on DVD Genre: Mostly Alternative / World tunes Approximate time: 48 minutes Ride Profile & Playlist: Many hills on this one…some flat road tracks (seated/standing runs) with jumps and sprints are mixed in, Enjoy the Ride… On Spotify: WHAT […]

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