ROCKtober with a ROCK STAR: A guest post by Allison W. 385

This month I switch things up a bit at FOR THE RIDE INSIDE! Look for monthly guest blog posts from ROCK STAR Cyclists around the world. There are so many fitness / cycling bloggers throughout the WWW, and even more Studio Cycling instructors who don't routinely post online. If you have something you want to … Continue reading ROCKtober with a ROCK STAR: A guest post by Allison W. 385


ROCKtober v17.2 / Tom Petty Tribute 383

Inspiration: Tom Petty R.I.P. ROCKtober continues and this time the playlist includes several tracks from rock legend Tom Petty. Several other classic rock artists are also featured in the ROCK-themed ride this week. Have a great Fall week...and don't forget to send along your rock favorites for Spin class. Genre: Rock Approximate time: 67 minutes … Continue reading ROCKtober v17.2 / Tom Petty Tribute 383

ROCKtober v17.1 382

Inspiration: So here's the first installment of an all-Rock ride...please send along suggestions for more tracks that I can include in other playlists later this month. Also later this month...something for the 31st of ROCKtober! Enjoy the Ride! Genre: Rock Approximate time: 64 minutes SPINlist and Summary Profile: Warm Up - Ain't No Rest for … Continue reading ROCKtober v17.1 382