ROCKtober with a ROCK STAR: A guest post by Allison W. 385

This month I switch things up a bit at FOR THE RIDE INSIDE!
Look for monthly guest blog posts from ROCK STAR Cyclists around the world. There are so many fitness / cycling bloggers throughout the WWW, and even more Studio Cycling instructors who don’t routinely post online. If you have something you want to share in a GUEST POST, connect with me at

Here’s a great addition to your ROCKtober ride collection from a true cycling ROCK STAR. Allison is an amazing athlete and passionate cycle instructor from Houston, Texas…

As I approach my 3-year anniversary of teaching (next month), I was thrilled when Steve asked me if I would write a guest blog. I’ve been an athlete my entire life. I played sports growing up and then really got into the gym, lifting weights and running in college. Once I started in the Corporate America arena this continued. I ran a few marathons and did a few fitness competitions. I really wanted to find a way to share my passion for health and wellness with others.

One of my girlfriends at the gym taught cycle and suggested I come to a class. I had always worked out on my own listening to my own music. It never really occurred to me to partake in classes. Well, let’s just say I was hooked. One month after taking my first class I got certified, auditioned, got hired…and 3 years and hundreds of classes later here I am. Teaching cycle is the best of both worlds. It combines my passion of exercise and music into one.

I am a rock and roll girl at heart. My 3 favorite bands are Thirty Seconds to Mars, Imagine Dragons, and Linkin Park (all of which I’ve had the pleasure of seeing within the past 2 years). I never thought I would enjoy teaching as much as I do. It really makes my heart happy and I hope somewhere along the lines I am making people’s day a little better, even if just for that 1 hour.

Here is my Rocktober profile!!

Walk on Water (warm up)
All The Small Things (out of the saddle warm up continued)
New Divide (seated intervals/sprints)
How Did you Love (Rolling hills/climb)
The Last of the Real Ones (seated intervals/sprints)
Believer (Standing Heavy Climb)
TABATA Track (rider’s choice to use this for intervals/climbs)
Beautiful Now (active recovery)
Lose Yourself (Standing Heavy Climb)
This is War (Standing Heavy Climb Intervals on chorus)
Bored to Death (seated intervals/sprints)
Warriors (Standing Heavy Climb)
Burn It Down (Intervals/sprints – seated, standing,seated)
Paralyzer (Rolling Hills/climb)
Conquistador (Final seated intervals – 15,25,35)
Walking the Wire (cooldown)

If not in the gym or cycle studio (or rock concert), you can find Allison on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify!
Thanks so much for the post and playlist Allison!
BTW, here’s the playlist on Spotify…

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