FIRST RIDE: The Dailey Method (Grand Rapids, MI / Eastown)

The Dailey Method (TDM), created by Jill Dailey in 2000, is well-established around the world with more than 60 studios…but is relatively new to West Michigan, having opened it’s Wealthy Street studio just this year!

Jaime Centilli, owner of TDM Grand Rapids / Eastown, is a true-believer in the foundational principles of the Dailey Method:
…The Dailey Method helps you work smarter!

Of the 60+ TDM studios, all include the Barre fitness program, many also include the Studio Cycling fitness program…which is what attracted me to visit TDM in Eastown.

The Cycling program incorporates the core TDM principles, but also features a beat-based ride…the instructor leads participants to a rhythmic cadence while adjusting resistance levels to mimic hill climbs or straight away sprints…and everything in between. The Eastown studio has a multi-level stadium design with multi-color, transitional lighting, amazing sound system and 21 highly-rated Stages bikes. The unique resistance dial and Stages monitor are a key feature of the TDM cycling program at Jaime’s studio.

I was able to drop in for a mid-week 6PM 45 minute Cycle class and go for my FIRST RIDE here. SO GLAD I DID.
Music was familiar and ideal for our ride. Drills were created for a full-body workout without use of stretch bands or hand weights. Some of the upper body work included rhythmic chest presses…just the right amount.

This location has covered many of the finer details that make a boutique studio stand out from the competition: great location, appealing design and layout, comfortable space, secure lockers, baths, showers, private changing rooms, branded merchandise…and in-house CHILD CARE!

Another nice extra…wet-chilled towels for everyone with the cool-down and stretch.

Thanks again to Jaime, Lindsay and everyone else at TDM Eastown for a great FIRST RIDE! See the following links for more about all The Dailey Method has to offer:


2 thoughts on “FIRST RIDE: The Dailey Method (Grand Rapids, MI / Eastown)

  1. Great article, I don’t work at Dailey Method didn’t know there several in Bay Area where I live. I would like to take classes sometimes.



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