Enjoy The Ride (Gran Fondo ’13) 090

The streets of my hometown, Grand Rapids, MI, were filled with over 1,500 cyclists during this inaugural event last Saturday, June 29th! I didn’t ride this year, but I did volunteer a few hours of my morning to help with crowd and traffic control. In addition to my latest playlist inspired by this grand cycling event, I’ve included some pics, videos and links for your viewing pleasure! Michigan State University and several other organizations in western Michigan were underwriters for the event, but the big winners will be those benefiting from additional funding raised for melanoma cancer research. I’m making plans for riding the Gran Fondo ’14. Have you ever participated in a Gran Fondo? Summer 2013 SPIN #15 (48 min) 01. 3:30 WARM UP / Bike Ride – Nora Jane Struthers 02. 2:58 SEATED & STANDING FLAT / Road To Euphoria – Marcus Maison 03. 3:44 JUMPS / Miles Away – Madonna 04. 3:40 SEATED FLAT w/ LEG DRILLS

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