Light It Up 278

Inspiration: Got an early start on my ride playlist & profile for next Thursday's early morning HAPPY HOUR ride. Today it'll serve as my car ride playlist for this weekend's trip to Chicago...planning to use my FREE ride ticket to ride at the SOULCYCLE studio in the loop...their newest location and windy city FLAGSHIP studio … Continue reading Light It Up 278

I’m Good 239

Inspiration: Getting ready to chill a bit this week...with my Valentine. Sounds great, after a full week of riding and driving. This eclectic, hour-long playlist covers all terrains with some intensive intervals along the way for a HEARTy ride. I'M GOOD, hope you are too! Genre: Alternative, Dance/Electronic, Pop, Rock. Approximate time: 59 minutes Preview … Continue reading I’m Good 239

C’mon 046

Winter 2013 SPIN #22 (55 min) 01 Paradise - Coldplay – 4:38 (Welcome / Warm up) 02 Inner Ninja - Classified – 3:22 (Warm up) 03 Twilight Zone - Golden Earring – 4:39 (Seated / Standing Flat) 04 One Way or Another - Mandy Moore – 3:31 (Jumps) 05 Little Talks - Of Monsters and … Continue reading C’mon 046