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  • S(pi)nthesis 281

    S(pi)nthesis 281

    Inspiration: After discovering Pyramid from the WAYF soundtrack, I found their Synthesis track on Spotify and came up with the obvious name for this ride…a blend of Spinning and Amazing Spotify Tracks: S(pi)nthesis. This mix is packed with enough good music to fill your full hour ride…and more music from the WAYF movie soundtrack. Hop […]

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  • …Faster 280

    …Faster 280

    Inspiration: Surprise…lots of quick footed sprinting on tap for this ride, with a few hills along the way to mix it up. Thanks to fellow Y instructor Marcia for the tip on Andrew Ripp and a few great riding tracks, including Falling Faster for a sweet warm up. Cole’s Memories is one of several great […]

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