WHM ’23: Women in support of Studio Cycling

Looking back over the 10+ years of FOR THE RIDE INSIDE, here’s a BLOG OF FAME post…with links to the original post. ENJOY THE RIDE!

Jaime – Studio owner
Allison – Instructor
Katy – Instructor
Cathy – Studio owner
Michelle – Instructor
Francine – Instructor
Tash – Educator / Instructor
Emma – Instructor
Kalika – Instructor
Amy – Studio owner
Wendie – Instructor / blogger
Latricia – Studio owner
Sara & Shelby – Studio owners
Nicole – Instructor
Diane – Instructor
Shanna – Studio owner
Nicole – Instructor
Cory – Instructor
Juanylu – Instructor

Thanks to all these women (and many more) for their passion & commitment to group fitness and STUDIO CYCLING!


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