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Guest Post: Nicole Shannon, Lunar Cycle Instructor

My knack for coaching started at a young age. Let’s just say, I was the gym class all-star and have always loved sports and competition. My dad was and still is very active and competitive, so I guess I can thank him for those traits. I started practicing Gymnastics at the age of nine. That was my passion along with running, throughout my high school years. After high school, I started running long distances and teaching group fitness classes. Music became an important part of my life at this time. I wanted it for my long runs and needed it to teach my classes. I decided fitness was going to be my career path and ended up going to the University of Illinois at Chicago…where I earned my bachelor’s degree in Science, majoring in Kinesiology. All the while, I continued to teach fitness classes. Actually, I’ve never stopped teaching, I’ve been doing it since 1994! 

After college, I worked for a corporate wellness company in Chicago, where I managed gyms, personal training, teaching classes…taking advantage of all the big city has to offer. These times really defined who I am present day. I decided to pick up a Schwinn Indoor Cycling Certification. I started teaching classes in a small little dungeon of a space, in the basement of a high rise downtown. Using a 5-disc CD changer, creating super fun music playlists, burning tons of calories as we cycle to heart thumping beats became my new passion!  At this point in time running really started wearing down my body. My sciatica was flaring, my knees aching, my back getting tight, it just didn’t feel good to run anymore.  The fact that indoor cycling was low-impact to my joints, not wearing down my body and allowed me to obtain that “Cardio High” was an important turning point in the evolution of my fitness regimen and teaching career.

Fast forward through many years of working in the fitness industry, teaching cycling classes (even through two pregnancies), I STILL LOVE IT!  I’m currently loving my part time job, teaching cycling at Grand Rapids best cycling studio, LUNAR CYCLE. I believe in this so much, how it brings people together, how just the music can be therapy, how the exercise keeps you fit, how it’s so good for the soul.  I look forward to every chance I can get on that bike, with a kick-ass sound system, playing good music and helping to motivate people to exercise!  

AUTHOR NOTES:  Nicole is Master Instructor and founding member of the Lunar Cycle Team, wife, and mother of two.  

Find her on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Spotify:

Thank you Nicole for sharing!

Photography:  Lunar Cycle Indoor Cycling website and Instagram.

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