Guest Post: Diane Smith, Lunar Cycle Instructor

So even before the Coronavirus quarantine…have you ever dreamed of having your own in-home gym? You can walk in and use it whenever you want? No line, no check in, you can even workout in your pajamas! Treadmill, stationary bike, free weights…all for you. Also though, there’s no accountability, no community. You quickly find that just putting on your sneakers soaks up all your energy…honestly, you’re tired! Maybe you could just Netflix and chill? Maybe tomorrow. Who’s gonna know anyway?

How many pieces of exercise equipment are purchased right after that New Years sale is announced? Most people with home gyms start off gun-ho and quickly fizzle out. The momentum just isn’t there. Then this investment in their health has just become an overpriced clothing rack. Can I get an Amen?!

This looks familiar!

During this time where COVID-19 has locked us down and into our homes, we realize, we NEED people!  Even if we have the equipment at home, we are reaching out virtually to NOT WORK OUT ALONE. 

Some ideas to keep you active and healthy with accountability until we can meet again in the studio:

  • Outdoor cycling! If you are quarantined with your family, take them all to the nearest bike path!
  • Virtual workouts! Locally we have several studios (Including Lunar Cycle Indoor Cycling Studio) who are providing daily workouts to do together! You can even have a ‘watch party’ with many!
  • Facetime your friends and have a push up, sit up, squat and/or plank challenge!
  • Get out for a walk or run with your quarantined peeps! It’s always good to cross train and challenge yourself!
  • If you don’t have anyone to get together with virtually, TEXT someone your plan! “Hey Katie! I’m going to bike 20 miles today. I’ll text you the route I took when I finish.”  Now that Katie knows this, you better do it!

As you know, it’s crucial that you stay active, and right now home is where you have to do it! However, let’s be sure to keep those studio memberships so we can get back to our community and commitment to health! We know the saying, if you want to go fast, go alone – If you want to go far, go together!

Even with the above options, we are reading this because we love indoor cycling. In fact, to me, the biggest benefit of indoor cycling is the energy we need and pull from the group and the instructor. We are by nature competitive beings. We also get a great low impact workout that builds muscle and cardiovascular endurance from cycling!

AND, you can always make your ride your own, no matter the weather. It’s a place where we build camaraderie and we cheer others on when they make progress! It’s a beautiful thing and I cannot wait to return to my saddle! In the meantime, stay active, stay healthy and stay positive! We will get through this!

Diane Smith, Certified Instructor & Personal Trainer

AUTHOR NOTES:  Diane is a founding member of the Lunar Cycle Team, an entrepreneur, wife, mother…more.   Find her on Instagram, Facebook, Spotify and LinkedIn:

Diane was featured in this recent story:

Check out this collection of random tracks from one of Diane’s Cycle HIIT playlists on Spotify:

Thank you Diane for sharing!

Photography:  MLIVE, Lunar Cycle Indoor Cycling websites.

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