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The Importance of Taking Your Shot: Guest post by Nicole Klisch, Instructor – CycleBar Grand Rapids

Country girl at heart! I will always throw a country song into my classes when possible 🤠

I have loved being active since I can remember. I grew up playing sports and attended a small school where playing four varsity sports wasn’t unheard of; they became an integral part of my life. I loved the feeling of accomplishment, the team camaraderie and just how much fun I had every second I was on the court or track.

Blast from the past!
Baby Nicole #3

After I graduated, I honestly felt completely lost without the consistency and community that sports gave me and I turned to group fitness classes to help fill that void. I took everything I could find in the area from HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to yoga and everything in between. I didn’t take my first spin class until 2019 and immediately fell in love; the music, the movements, the darkness in the room (trust me my first time on a bike was not a pretty sight) and the ability to just be for the duration of the ride.

When gyms and fitness studios closed during the pandemic, I felt lost once again and decided to invest in an indoor cycling bike. I continued to ride and got stronger both physically and mentally with each pedal stroke. There was always the thought of being an instructor in the back of my head; thinking yeah that would be cool or fun to do one day. It wasn’t until I saw a post on CycleBar Grand Rapids Instagram page that highlighted instructor auditions.  I took a deeper look and ended up following the studio and thinking to myself how awesome that would be to actually audition. 

Fast forward a couple weeks, I saw another post about auditions but unfortunately I missed them by one day. I contemplated reaching out for a couple hours and finally told myself to just take my shot; if it was meant to be it will be. A couple minutes later I got a response saying that they were all done with auditions but that they would be holding additional auditions after the studio opened. I honestly was kicking myself for not reaching out previously but went on with my day. A week later I got a message informing me that they were holding one more round of auditions and I jumped at the chance. My husband and of course our dog joined us for the drive out to Grand Rapids (we live in the Lansing area) the day of and I got word from one of our amazing owners, Shanna Williams, that I made it forward to bootcamp by the end of the week. To say I was ecstatic would be understatement.

My favorite guys! My husband, Connor and beyond spoiled pup, Buddy ❤️

Bootcamp was such an amazing experience – we trained, bonded as a team and learned everything CycleBar has to offer. The group of instructors we have here are some of the most uplifting, strong and empowering women I have ever had the pleasure to meet. They are all truly the best!

Post bootcamp celebratory picture! TEAM CYCLEBAR GRAND RAPIDS!!!

The past couple of months have been such a wild ride and I wouldn’t change a single thing. Each time I mic up, I learn something new, I get to connect with so many different riders on a weekly basis and feel so blessed to be a part of something magical. I am so excited to continue to grow with my riders and this amazing community. If I have learned anything from this entire experience, it is the importance of taking your shot and going after your dreams.

My #1 supporters! Friends and family of TEAM NICOLE!!!

Thank you Nicole for sharing a little bit about you, your journey, and those in your life! Of the many classes my wife and I have taken at CBGR, most have been with Nicole, who has an amazing supply of energy at such an early time of day. You can clip in with her on Wednesdays at 5:30 AM and Saturdays at 9:30 AM

A recent post-ride pic with yours truly 😉

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