Random Ride…Spin the wheel & SPIN 2 WIN!

Next week Monday will be my last time in Cycle Studio for a couple of weeks, and I thought I try something different before heading out of town to visit family on Michigan’s eastside and the Sunshine State. This will have an added element of class participation.

The only tracks I’m planning on for sure are the WARM UP at the start and COOL DOWN at the end of class…everything in between will be prompted by a random spin of the wheel using a free mobile app I found (spinthewheel.app). In addition to some of their standard wheels, you can make custom wheels with all the possible options you want. I made my SPIN FOR THE RIDE INSIDE wheel with these familiar movements / options:

  • Sprints
  • Combo Climb
  • Active Recovery
  • Attacks on a Hill
  • Tabata Sprints
  • Progressive Climb
  • Seated Flat
  • Rolling Hills
  • Jumps – Flat
  • Jumps – Hill
  • Combo Flat
  • Extended Climb
  • Leg Drill
  • Power Climb
  • WILD CARD – the spinner chooses for everyone else
  • FREE 4 ALL – everyone has Riders’ Choice

Using SPOTIFY, I also created several short 3-5 song playlists for each of the options above (except the last two). Each playlist is named in a standard way, like: S2W Attacks on a Hill ftri. Just before the warm-up or current track is done, I’ll pick someone to take their turn and tap the wheel for the next part of this uncharted journey. It’ll take some active coordination on my part and I won’t be on the bike as much as usual, so we’ll see if I do this again, but for now it sounds like it could be a fun and very random ride…EVERYONE WINS!

I’ll let you know how it goes, but until then…LMK if you’ve ever tried this or something similar.


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