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Adrenaline 508

A year ago TODAY, here in West Michigan, the Coronavirus pandemic got real…and what was projected to change for just a few weeks, rocked our world for months. This CORONA-Versary marks my last maskless studio cycling class and the last time in the office of my “day job”!

When will maskless fitness classes in public studios resume? When will offices reopen? When will the vaccines and public health measures take hold? My crystal ball is a little hazy…

So, even though I have no immediate plans to return to the cycle studio…I put together another 45-minute SpinList for my at-home inside rides, and for you too…where ever the sweat sesh is!

Who knows when I’ll post again, but until then…Take care, stay safe, be strong and BE WELL!

Here’s the Spotify mix (sorry no summary ride profile this post):

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